Final Fantasy X Yuna & Tidus Inspired Engagement Ring

Mystifying amethysts adorn this two-toned ring that unites Yuna and Tidus, elements notable to them blend together to form a lovely design. Read More

Crystalline Musical Moogle Inspired Engagement Ring

Adorned with lovely sapphires a Crystalline Dragon wraps around this ring alongside musical Moogles strumming Zelda's Lullaby on their harps! Read More

Heavenly Elpis Inspired Engagement Ring

Golden angelic wings and rosy Elpis flora complement one another to form an elegant representation of the love Leticia and Brandon share! Read More

Some of This Year’s Final Fantasy Inspired Designs

Takayas Custom Jewelry shares some of the science fantasy designs we worked on in 2022 inspired by the breathtaking world of Final Fantasy! Read More

The Divine Astrologian Inspired Men’s Wedding Band

This arcane masculine wedding band features a small alexandrite encircled by patterns that reflect an Astrologian’s healing divination spell. Read More

Matching FFXIV Inspired Wedding Bands – His: Paladin

Fashioned with deliberate carved details is a design perfect for a fearless Paladin with a determination to protect their party (or family). Read More

Matching FFXIV Inspired Wedding Bands – Hers: Bard & Dancer

Traces of dance and music elegantly intertwine in the enchanting city of Crystarium! Lined amongst them are endearing memories of love. Read More

Final Fantasy X Yuna Inspired Engagement Ring

Rose gold twirls and twists like the cresting ocean waves dancing in a sunset background of Yuna's iconic Sending ceremony at Kilika Island! Read More

A Wedding Band Imbued with the Essence of Final Fantasy

Imbuing this band with the essence of Final Fantasy are elegant yellow gold filigrees inspired by Distant Worlds and Yoshitaka Amano's art! Read More

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