Edenchoir and Rinoa Final Fantasy XIV and VIII Moonstone Engagement Ring

An admirer of Takayas’ custom designs for several years, Calvin began following his work online when he came across his Final Fantasy XIII inspired rings. As fate would have it, Calvin’s admiration would evolve into a poignant collaboration, culminating in a commission for an engagement ring. In this blog post, we delve into Calvin’s journey from fan to jewelry collaborator. With Calvin’s thoughtful notes and images guiding him, Takayas would create his awe-inspiring engagement ring imbued with the worlds of Final Fantasy XIV and VIII.

At the top of Calvin’s requests was to have a faceted moonstone as the crowning gem for the engagement ring. As a gemologist with an extensive network of gem sources, Takayas reached out to a trusted dealer in Japan. Knowing how important that this stone was to Calvin’s ring as a symbol of Edens Crystal, Takayas had his brother personally pick it up in Tokyo and ship it to his studio in Los Angeles. The precious stone was then secured with custom designed prongs that extend from the ring’s intricate design.

Final Fantasy XIV Dancer’s Edenchoir Chakrams was another aspect of the game that was important to Calvin and his partner. Flowing from the side galleries, Takayas’ design harkens to the mighty weapon. The resplendent design extends up to the moonstone as prongs. From the shoulders of the ring, Takayas designed an intricate and beautiful motif reminiscent of Eden's biomechanical and angel feather-like body. Again, the design extends to the prongs to secure the center stone. Cascading down the sides of the shank are rows of amethysts, Calvin’s partner’s birthstone. Perched above the amethysts are blue topazes as a nod to Rinoa.

When Calvin received the ring, he shared these treasured words, “The ring is beautiful and is everything and more than what I imagined. Thank you so much for everything to Takayas and your team.”

We would like to extend our deep gratitude to Calvin. May the luminous moonstone at the heart of your ring, symbolizing the ethereal Eden’s Crystal, serve as a beacon of hope, unity, and everlasting love and devotion between you and your fiancée!


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