In general, our custom jewelry creations require about 2 – 3 months per piece for us to complete.

As all of our projects are handmade by Takayas, his schedule can fill up quickly. We want to ensure that we are able to devote as much fine craftsmanship as possible to create the jewelry piece of your dreams, so we always suggest starting your project with ample time for a specific due date. On occasion, we may need to extend our turnaround time for custom jewelry pieces, or implement a waiting period to begin new projects.

Our Beyond by Takayas jewelry pieces are made-to-order, and typically require about 2 – 3 weeks for us to produce.

Like our fully custom projects, all of our collection pieces are handcrafted by Takayas. As our schedule fills up, we may occasionally need to extend our turnaround time for orders from our collections, or implement a waiting period to begin new projects.

Yes! We are pleased to ship our jewelry creations to many countries throughout the world. Please contact us to confirm that we will be able to deliver to your particular location.

Additionally, please know that your country’s customs department may also impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, or other applicable charges upon your order. The price of these fees may vary, depending on your specific location and the cost of your commission. We are unable to accept responsibility for any customs fees.

We do! Please read the details of the warranty we provide for our jewelry creations here.

As a small, independent business, we unable to offer our own insurance coverage for the jewelry pieces we create. Many of our customers bundle their jewelry under their homeowner’s insurance coverage, but there are several insurance companies that offer plans specifically for fine jewelry.

That being said, we are definitely able to provide appraisals to help you obtain coverage from the insurance company of your choice.

Most insurance companies in the United States require an appraisal of your jewelry in order to provide insurance coverage. Takayas himself is a certified gemologist, meaning that he can officially appraise the jewelry he crafts for you.

After completing your appraisal, we share a PDF file of your appraisal document that you can bring to the insurance provider of your choosing. If you’re interested in having Takayas appraise your jewelry, please let us know.

As a small, independent business, we are not affiliated with any financial companies, and we are unable to offer financing for the jewelry pieces we create.

We’d like to reassure you that you don’t need to pay the entire cost of your custom jewelry project upfront. Our fully custom pieces follow a three-installment payment system: we split your estimate into thirds, and only your first deposit is required to begin your special project.

After we receive your approval for the unique design Takayas has created for you, we will finalize the price of your piece, at which point we will request your second payment. Once your project is completed, we will request your third and final payment so that we can send your handcrafted jewelry home to you.

For orders from Beyond by Takayas, full payment is required upfront.

Although we do not have a retail store space, we do work at our studio in downtown Los Angeles, California. If you’re looking to start a custom jewelry project, we’d be delighted to have you visit. Takayas enjoys having the opportunity to meet his wonderful customers in person, and he’d love to consult with you to discuss the ideas and inspirations you have for your project.

Consultations are by an appointment-only basis. Our general appointment hours are between 10 AM and 4 PM PT, Monday through Friday. If you’d like a consultation with Takayas, please contact us!

Each one of our custom designs is made entirely from scratch. To create your jewelry piece, Takayas devotes a significant amount of time towards building your design. Based on your inspirations and personal style, he creates a one-of-a-kind piece that’s just for you.

With the large amount of time and labor our custom projects entail, we are unable to provide mock-ups without a commitment from you to create your jewelry with us. Before Takayas begins working on your custom design, we request the first deposit for your project.

Generally speaking, we are able to incorporate your own purchased and heirloom gemstones into the jewelry piece we create for you. Takayas needs inspect your stones to determine if they are usable in his design. In some cases we may be unable to work with your stones.

All purchased and heirloom diamonds to be used in a custom jewelry piece must also be accompanied by official documentation from an accredited diamond certification lab such as GIA and EGL. If you would like to send your stones to our Los Angeles studio for inspection by Takayas, your package must be insured by your shipping carrier.

Takayas is glad to provide his resizing services as needed. In general, we are easily able to resize our rings within 1/4 – 1/2 size smaller or larger.

Particularly for our fully custom creations, we do want to mention that adjustments of one full size or more can sometimes be challenging to complete while maintaining the integrity of your unique design. If you anticipate that you will need to resize your ring in the future, please let us know so that Takayas can keep the possibility of resizing in mind while he crafts your stunning piece.

We’re so glad you enjoy the custom creations we’ve made in the past! With the exception of posts listed under our “Beyond by Takayas” or “Collection” categories, all jewelry pieces featured on our blog were fully custom, one-time projects created for specific clients.

We’d love to craft a custom jewelry piece based on a similar theme that’s just for you, incorporating your own unique style and suited to your own taste. Please feel free to visit our Inquire page and share your ideas with us – we’re excited to hear from you!