Client Testimonials



Words cannot describe the feeling of imagining what this ring would look like for so long and then not only seeing it come to life, but truly stun us with its beauty. We are so thankful for your craft and the undeniable love and care you put into the pieces you create. Thank you so much for giving shape to our idea and giving us a beautiful ring we will love forever.



It was the most memorable moment of my life, and I am beyond amazed about the craftsmanship of the ring. Every Whovian I have encountered since then is in awe of my ring. Thank you so much for creating an amazing work of art! I will treasure it for the rest of my life!



I had seen many of Takayas’ beautifully designed rings and only imagined having one created by him. I decided to give it a shot and at least get a quote. I am glad that I did! The staff at Takayas was very friendly and worked with me to make the ring within my budget.

I wanted to create an elegant Kingdom Hearts inspired engagement ring incorporating the Oathkeeper and Wayfinder. Takayas captured the design I was looking for and it came out beautifully! Most importantly, my now fiancée absolutely loves the ring! It was a pleasure working with Takayas and we look forward to working with him again for our wedding rings.



She loves it so much!

And from Alice to Takayas himself, Alice says a heartfelt thank you for your work on creating the ring. She admires your craft and wanted you to know that she loves it.

And from me: Thank you. I/we would love to be customers again in the future and will recommend you to anyone we meet who’s in the market for a custom piece.

FINAL FANTASY Black & White Mage Final Fantasy Inspired Wedding Rings


I saw Takayas’ work first through a Final Fantasy XIV group on Facebook and was stunned. As our wedding drew closer, we couldn’t decide what to do about our rings…nothing seemed quite right.. till I remembered Takayas and KNEW he had to be the one to make our rings. His work is the epitome of nerdy-classy. We made the decision last minute… and Takayas and his team still pulled it off for us.  Their communication was stellar.

I have a pretty big rock on my engagement ring, and knew whatever I had for a band needed to be simple-ish. And we knew we needed the White and Black Mages as our inspiration for our rings.  And of course, Takayas pulled it off perfectly.  We LOVE them. And, without ever seeing my engagement ring in person, he made the wedding band fit perfectly with it.

Final Fantasy XIV Carbuncle Inspired Engagement Ring


I enjoyed their professionalism, thoroughness, and patience throughout the planning the design of the ring. The ring was designed strictly through the use of email. By conveying my ideas to Takayas, and through daily back and forth conversations via email, I was able to work with them on designing the ring. As my job puts me overseas, it was impossible for me to schedule onsite meetings, but the staff at Takayas made the process simple and smooth. I never felt like I was lacking attention and my questions were answered and discussed. It was possibly the best, most personalized online transaction I’ve ever experienced. I was stunned.

I had seen the ring in pictures before it arrived, but they really didn’t do the ring justice. When I had the ring in my hand, I just didn’t know what to say. It was beautiful, and everything I had hoped it would be.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning and Rabbit Wedding Band


The ring is gorgeous, and he loves it. Everyone is super impressed by the look of the design and the quality of the piece. We couldn’t be happier about the result.

Final Fantasy XI White Mage Inspired Ring


My fiance and I love the ring! It’s exactly how I wanted it. I can’t stop admiring it on my finger! Working with Takayas has been a great experience. He has a great eye for beauty and such a creative mind for designing jewelry!

“Joy’s Ring” – A Unique Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mark and Joy

The ring is extra special to me. I know Mark was very concerned about impressing me and my family knowing that we have a few jewellers in the family. I wish I were one who could let her boyfriend pick whatever he wants, but my background as an artist and jeweller didn’t allow that. But I didn’t want to pick the ring myself. And that put a lot of burden on Mark.

Nonetheless, Mark did an awesome job paying so much attention and valuing my preferences. I didn’t expect him to show Takayas my own art to use as the inspiration. His thoughtfulness led him to you, and you’ve done a great job helping him meet my expectations. As someone who’s done commissions for other people, I appreciate the talent, skills, and professionalism you have shown. The more I look at the ring, the more I like it! Thank you!

Evangelion X Lance of Longinus inspired Engagement Ring


Steff absolutely loves her ring. Neither of us have ever been diamond people (for multiple reasons) and she loved the thought and care that went into designing and creating the ring. We were both incredibly impressed with Takayas’ attention to detail and craftsmanship.

It’s been about a month since we got engaged, and we still look at the ring and wonder how Takayas pulled off the design. Everyone else who has seen it has also been astounded by the artistry of the ring.



My girlfriend said “YES”! Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the ring (so yes, she definitely loves it). Once again, I would like to thank both of you for being amazing.

Kingdom Hearts Divine Rose Keyblade Inspired Ring


We knew for sure we wanted something unique that had special meaning to us so after browsing through all of the examples of Takaya’s work it was an easy choice. We couldn’t be happier with how the ring turned out. The amount of subtle detail and care that went into its design is something we’ll cherish and be able to show off for the rest of our lives.

Aztec Initials Wedding Ring


It was a pleasure working with Takayas right from the start.  The production of our custom ring was very much a collaborative effort.  Both my wife and I had ideas which we brought to Takayas and he was expertly able to incorporate our ideas while providing suggestions of his own to enhance our ring.  I have received many positive compliments on the ring the excellent craftmanship / detail.  Takaya’s process was great, from seeing the CAD design to a model of the ring was great.  It further helped us visualize the ring as it slowly came to life. We would highly recommend Takayas.

Cat-Turtle Wedding Ring Set &

14K Rose Gold and Moonstone Animal Lover Engagement Ring


Working with Takayas was magical. To be able to capture our ideas over email and a few pictures and creating something far more beautiful than we had imagined. Takayas really puts his heart and soul into each piece to make them resound with each person’s request/style and exceed expectations. These rings are something we are joyful and proud to be able to wear for the rest of our lives.

Not to mention, you kept in close communication, and it was a fun, easy process designing the rings through email. Everything was always well communicated and rings were delivered well before the deadline.



I am very impressed with Takayas’ work. I stared at the ring for quite a while. I am surprised how microscopically detailed everything is. The finished ring is much more elegant than the renders, but it is the exact design that was agreed upon. I’m sure Casey will love it!



Brandon received the ring we ordered exactly on time. He proposed on April 30th. We couldn’t be happier with how the ring looks – it’s perfect, absolutely stunning and prettier than we could expect.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the level of service and communication from the staff we received from the very beginning of the design and ordering process. It was very professional and the quality of the ring is stellar. Takayas will definitely be highly recommended by us when we have friends looking for a unique engagement ring in the future.

Thank you so much from the both of us!

Elegant Fantasy Diamond Engagement Ring


Just so you guys know, she did say “Yes” and everything was amazing on that day. I had all of our family and friends with us and everything went according to plan and more. She had tears in her eyes, and she couldn’t believe what was happening. She loves the engagement ring so very much!

My fiancee’s message, “I’m so very happy with the ring, and the quality is so well crafted. It’s so much better than I could have ever imagined.” I can’t thank you and Takayas enough for all the help and hard work you both did to help make the engagement ring a reality.

Celtic Spider-Man Inspired Engagement Ring


The ring is GORGEOUS!!! It’s almost surreal to see it finally finished and in person! Please tell Takayas thank you and how much I’m in love with it, and I know she will be too! And also thank you for all the help you’ve given us and being so quick to respond each time. You guys are truly amazing and I couldn’t be any happier!!! I can’t wait to purpose to her on our vacation. Thanks again so much!!

Final Fantasy’s White Mage & Bahamut Inspired Wedding Band Set


A few iterations later, Chris and I were absolutely amazed by the finished product Takayas had put together. If our anxiousness for the wedding wasn’t already at peak, seeing the rings for the first time only made the wait that much worse – we were so excited to finally be able to show them off. Sure enough, months later and we still find ourselves admiring the craftsmanship and design multiple times daily. The rings are reflections of ourselves as much as they are of our love for each other, and we can’t thank Takayas enough for creating them!

Metal Gear Inspired Engagement Ring: FOX & Lilies


Working with Takayas has been great.  He was very professional and patient with me, as we worked together via email to find the perfect design for us.  His correspondence was always prompt, and he was able to give excellent suggestions to help with the look and feel of the ring.  His expertise has been valuable in making this a wonderful experience with a ring that she will cherish forever.

Zora’s Sapphire And Gemini Inspired Engagement Ring


As for Takayas, i would say that they did a great job of realizing my thought and ideas into a sleek and stylized design. I was a bit worried about doing this sort of purchase online, but they were incredibly responsive with all of their emails and kept me updated every step of the way.

Final Fantasy Couples Inspired Wedding Ring Set


Takayas did a fantastic job listening to our story and coming up with a design that elegantly and uniquely integrated so many aspects of that story together.



I was thinking about the design and concept for over a year before I went to Mr. Takayas.  I have seen many Takayas creations online so I knew that he would be the best fit to create this ring. Once I sat down with Mr. Takayas and discussed the design I knew that I was in good hands. After a few months I was presented with the 3D rendering of the ring and I was blown away and when I saw the completed ring for the first time a was completely floored. The ring’s beautiful detailing and bi-metal design led to a product that was beyond my expectations. When I proposed to my finance she was equally taken away by the beauty and elegance of the ring. I would definitely consider working with Mr. Takayas again on future projects.



As your stereotypical dude, I really have absolutely no idea about anything jewelry related. As an added bonus, I’m also terrible at verbalizing what few ideas I do have so the idea of actually trying to design a ring was terrifying. Thankfully the staff at Takayas made the process super painless. Infi really fell in love with the Scholar class during the Alexander Creator savage tier and had a glamour set that she really liked so I knew that I would want a ring themed around scholars and around that gear set. She had just taken a bunch of screen shots for a mutual friend’s art project so I was able to “steal” those and send to Takayas as source material. I had a very vague idea of what I thought Infi would like in terms of band color and gemstone size and Takayas took care of the rest. I knew the ring would be amazing based on the previous work I had seen on the blog but the ring that was designed for Infi still blew me away. I am super happy with how this turned out and could not recommend Takayas enough!



Working with Takayas has been such a pleasure, he and his staff have really gone above and beyond to deliver and have always answered any questions I had. I really enjoyed talking to his assistant, Jilienne, both by email and on the phone! The service I received was wonderful and I feel like what I wanted was really understood. I remember seeing Takayas’ rings a while back and really admiring his work, people here (in the UK) asked me why I asked someone so far away to do the design work and things for me, and this was the reason. I felt like what I wanted was truly understood and I felt like Takayas really understood what I was after. I felt as if, had I gone to a designer here, that maybe they wouldn’t quite get ”it”. I’m really glad to have found Takayas and even being as far away as I am I felt like everything I wanted was considered and understood on such a deep level. I’m really happy with the design of the ring and am so happy that my engagement ring was taken into consideration for the design to make sure it all matched up. I felt like I received an amazing personal service and wouldn’t change a single thing, I’m so happy I came to you and will be making sure I send pictures from the wedding so you can see the beautiful ring on the day.


Jason and annmarie

Working with Takayas has been great, he is very knowledgeable about the process, the different possible metals and stones and that was great for someone who knows almost nothing other than what colors and what I am interested in, but not what is entailed in the process. It was great working with Takayas and the team!

It’s gorgeous and looks like a pretty normal but unique ring at first glance, but the geekery is hidden in the details on the sides of the ring. It makes the ring feel that much more special knowing that we know these meaningful and geeky details are there, but anyone just glancing at it won’t immediately notice it. It creates an extra surprise for when it’s found and noticed. I’m also a sucker for symmetry and the choice of the three different stones being in three different sizes is really pleasing to look at and catches the eye, making the design stand out so much more. I haven’t been able to stop looking at and admiring the ring since he proposed.


Andrew & Salma

I stumbled on Takayas site by searching blindly on the internet, scouring the web for custom designers. However, Takayas’ work struck me truly as custom in that he literally takes your idea (a completely abstract concept) and fabricates a design that he comes up with and sketches out for you to look at and critique, makes changes, re designs, etc etc. Unless I missed them, Takayas was the only one that I found that was able to do this type of custom jewelry work and do it exceptionally well and beautifully.

The final product? Takayas did a fantastic job on this piece. The intricate pattern was re-created exactly and was fit beautifully along the ring. His choice of stones complemented the pattern and color of the metal perfectly. The entire process of choosing the ring material, style, price point was handled superbly well by Jilienne. Every step of this process was painless and flawless. We had no issues at all during this whole design and production process. I recommend Takayas and Jilienne without any reservation to handle your custom jewelry ideas.



My sister absolutely loves her ring! She hardly has taken it off since I gave it to her.  They both turned out perfect! I can’t believe how much detail Takayas was able to fit on such tiny rings. Thank you for making my idea into a reality. The whole process from start to finish was very easy 🙂

14K Rose Gold and Diamond Sailor Moon Engagement Ring

Adam & Anna

I stumbled upon Takayas work online, and decided to submit an inquiry. I had been given some direction by my fiancee as to certain things she wanted, and I wanted to try to incorporate a Sailor Moon theme to the ring, but had no idea how to do so. I sent Takayas images of things I wanted him to try to include and what to avoid, along with styles of other rings. I was worried that I provided too many elements, and in my head, I could not figure out how everything would come together. When I received the mock ups, though, my initial thought was, “Oh my God, this is perfect!” Takayas was able to create something truly amazing from my descriptions and images that was elegant and refined, while still having the references to Sailor Moon that both myself and my fiancee would recognize. I truly could not have asked for a better experience than Rachel and Takayas were able to provide!

I had no input at all on the ring design, but it is the most perfect ring, and everyone that sees it says that they can’t imagine me with anything else.  I was absolutely floored when I first saw the ring! The attention to detail was amazing; I especially loved the beautiful crescent moons on all four sides of the ring curving up to form the double prongs.  Takayas was able to combine all of the elements that I loved most in rings I’ve seen with incredibly elegant Sailor Moon references to make  a truly special ring that I will be proud to wear for the rest of my life.  Thank you for making me a ring more stunning than I could ever imagine!

Platinum and Custom Cut Montana Sapphire Anniversary Ring


Our tenth anniversary was coming up so I knew I had to do something special and the normal gifts just wouldn’t cut it. I reached out to a friend Blaze Wharton who owns a sapphire mine in Montana where we mine. I explained to him what I was looking for and he provided me an absolutely stunning piece of untreated rough sapphire.

I then sought out and had the stone faceted by the world renowned Jeff Hapeman, the leader in Montana sapphire faceting. He then faceted the stone in his custom “Helena” design. The finished stone came in at 2.81 carats, and Jeff said its one of the finest he has ever seen come from that region, with that information I knew I had to seek a jeweler that could accent the beauty of the stone without detracting from it.

That’s when I found Takayas.  We sent in a request and Takayas began designing a ring that would be suitable for such a beautiful stone. We were absolutely stunned with what he came back with, it was everything we had hoped for and so much more. An absolutely stunning ring. Not only did he design a ring that shows the beauty of the sapphire he added to the beauty with his superb design technique. We could not be happier.



I went online and found out about the Triforce ring that Takayas made years ago, and thought nothing could be better for me because I’m a big fan of video games since the age of 4 and am now working in the game industry as a character designer.

I personally really like Zelda, so I thought about making a Zelda ring, but it’d mean nothing to my wife because she knows nothing about Zelda. So we agreed FF14 was the best idea for creating custom rings as it is the very first video game we played together.

Our first idea was creating the rings based on the characters we were playing as, however, my wife’s character was a blackmage and a blackmage wouldn’t be the best wedding concept- there came the idea of Nanamo. Nanamo was the queen of the city we started the game and she had a great design concept for the wedding band.

We gathered the picture of the characters we chose and sent it to you guys to make the rings, and from there you guys also know how it went!










18K White Gold with Palladium Alloy Diamond Engagement Ring


If you are thinking about creating your own unique engagement ring or jewelry piece, Takayas is an exceptional choice.

He is an amazing designer and craftsman who can not only help you turn your vision into reality but can also inspire touches and concepts you may not have even imagined, to make your custom piece truly amazing.

When I wanted to propose to my fiancé I saw the same generic ring styles over and over. Nothing had all the things I wanted. I found Takayas in Downtown LA’s jewelry district because I was impressed with reviews of his work and his pieces, and competitive pricing. From our first meeting, Takayas has always been professional and skilled but also kind and warm, and always accommodating.

The design process was excellent. I was blown away by his first 3D renderings. I also felt very included but listened to as we worked together and Takayas masterfully implemented my original ideas with agreed refinements. At the same time, Takayas provided trusted and valued recommendations on options for things like design and style, diamonds, size, tooling, metals, and more that all made the finished product absolutely stunning. Takayas was even able to make my metal band out of a gold alloy of metals I desired but could find no where else. And in case you were wondering, she said Yes!

I have been so overly pleased with Takayas over and over again. I will continue to return to him for regular, complementary checks and cleanings of the engagement ring he designed for us. We were so pleased we also returned to Takayas to create a beautiful matching wedding band.

Thank you Takayas and Staff for all your amazing work.

We will cherish this special ring for a lifetime and beyond.

Mr. and Mrs. (soon to be) Garces

Black Rhodium and Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring


I came across Takayas while searching for custom jewelers in Southern California. I contacted several through email or phone calls and he was the fastest to respond and the most detailed in answering my specific questions about creating a wedding ring. I didn’t want diamonds. I didn’t want the typical gold or white gold. My fiancée’s favorite color is black and I wanted something that was made for her, not just something shiny and mass produced from the jewelry stores at the mall. I had a lot of ideas and he was able to help me put them together into the perfect piece. Takayas was patient with the specifics I wanted. I found a 1 carat sapphire (her birthstone) and sent it into him. He mounted it with several amethyst accent stones (my birthstone) using black gold. The ring came in a beautiful wood box which I didn’t use because I had a sugar skull ringbox made. It was just chance, but the ring matched my handmade box perfectly. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how professional Takayas and his assistant were, the quality of the piece, the timeline he met for me, or the way he worked with me on pricing. I have recommended him to several friends planning on getting married.

Superman Butterfly Wedding Set and Konami Code Ring


While me and my then fiancé were wedding ring shopping we stumbled onto Takayas’s work when we started searching for nerdy rings. It was then we seriously considered doing our own set of nerd centric wedding bands.

To our surprise, Takayas’s office was located in Downtown LA. So we were quite fortunate to be able to have a bunch of in person meetings. Through some of our conversations I found out that most of his customers where not from the LA area so we were a bit special in that regard.

Takayas and his staff were an absolute pleasure whether we were corresponding through email or in person. All of Takayas’s preliminary work on my wife’s Superman Butterfly ring were amazing. The detail and artistry were superb. Even with a few images and a rough description, Takayas was able to create exactly what she wanted. When we finally got the actual finished product I was blow away by the craftsmanship. I didn’t realize how small my wife’s finger was but even with that constraint every single detail from the early renders made it into the final product. When I finally did propose, my wife was speechless. For the next 24 hours it seemed like she couldn’t stop looking at her ring. Partly because we were finally engaged and partly because of the great job that Takayas did.

As for my ring, the Konami code, I too was thoroughly pleased with the final product. I highly recommend Takayas.

14K Rose Gold and Tourmaline Chibi Moon Engagement Ring


The Ring was inspired by Chibi Moon because it has been her favorite character for the longest time. We are both big anime fans and I decided to propose to her at one of our favorite events, Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year. I chose that venue and planed it around our cosplay because the timing was unexpected and also, as geeky as it may sound, I asked her out to be my girlfriend with a Zelda theme necklace years back and thought it tied in pretty well. You’d think I would settle for a Zelda themed ring, but the Chibi Moon design is much more her taste so I went with that. I want to give a big thanks to Takayas for making this a very memorable time in our lives and for working hard with me throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with the making of the ring since day one. Thanks again!!

HR Giger Biomechanical Hands Diamond Engagement Ring


Recently my boyfriend, well now he is my fiancé, proposed to me with a ring that you made for us and I wanted to send you a few pictures and to thank you so much for the most gorgeous and amazing piece of art you made for me.

He had asked for the ring to be modeled after a pendant that I have that is a replica of an HR Giger sculpture.  I am sure he mentioned that I am a life long HR Giger fan(and have even dedicated my entire right arm to tattoos inspired by his art) and so he knew how much an engagement ring styled after his art, would mean to me….and he is right, the ring is truly a beautiful and so very very meaningful to me on so many levels and your brilliant artistry really made it incredible.

So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your team for creating the most amazing engagement ring ever!

And in the near future we will be contacting you about creating wedding bands for us.

Thank you so very much,

Justine Miller

Dragon Age: Inquisition Ruby Engagement Ring


I’d actually inquired at a couple companies for having the ring made before I found Takayas’s website, but I wasn’t happy with the designs and communication I was receiving. Takayas blew me away! He and Karen were very communicative during every step of the process, worked well within the timeline I had, and of course created the perfect ring. I remember getting the email with the CAD product and being amazed at how Takayas took a simple game symbol that I provided and turned it into the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen!

Since the moment I proposed, Sam hasn’t been able to take her eyes off of it, and casually claims that there has never been an engagement ring as cool as this one. We couldn’t be happier, thank you Takayas!

Platinum Montana Sapphire Knife Edge Engagement Ring


Thank you! Evan Christensen and I are beyond thrilled about the ring, it is totally perfect!

18K White Gold Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring


Laura loved her ring!  I gave it to her while we were in Glacier National Park at the end of June!  It was the perfect style.

Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond Pendant


When we were thinking about how and what we could create with the Tahitian pearl I had, I just knew the one thing that I wanted was for it to be unique.  I wanted it to be interesting and different, and Takayas made that happen.  It was a pleasure working with him – the communication was great and it was very easy to be a part of the process as we went along.  I felt comfortable making a few tweaks here and there in order to make it perfect.  But it really was his creativity that made my vision come to life, and I absolutely love the necklace.”

Diablo III Inspired Demon Hunter Engagement Ring

James & Colleen

James: At every step, the process of working with Takayas Custom Jewelry to design an engagement ring has been a pleasure. Rachel Ferreira was especially helpful–she listened to my ideas & concerns and made sure that my feedback was included in the design process.

And although I could have, I never had to speak on the phone and was able to manage the entire process (aside from the first payment) via e-mail–a huge benefit because A) I hate talking on the phone and B) I was able to keep moving the process forward with quick e-mails at work.

I cannot think of a single person who has seen the ring who has not been completely blown away by it–and the vast majority of these folks have never played Diablo 3! The fact that Takayas could create something that is imbued with so much meaning (i.e. – elements from my fiancee Colleen’s and my characters) yet still retain an overwhelming beauty outside of that context speaks volumes to the mastery that Takayas has over his art.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the prices are completely reasonable. I ran them by a jeweler friend of the family and she, too was impressed at the quality we were getting at such a price. Especially considering that if I were to have gone the traditional Tiffany route, all Colleen would have had to show for it is a big, boring stone! This way she got a pretty big stone adorning a MASTERPIECE of a ring 🙂

Colleen: Takayas, I just want to send you my most heartfelt thanks to you for creating this engagement ring for James and I. It is honestly the most beautiful ring I have ever laid eyes on, and I am in awe how every single line and curve of its most intricate design has significant meaning to us. You have realized our passion and wrought a masterpiece from it.

And now, not only is this ring a legendary relic in the story of our demon hunter and barbarian’s journey together, but Takayas, you yourself have become a character in our legend as well.

I am honored to wear this lovely, inspired ring now and the rest of my days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Men’s Skull and Ruby Eyes Wedding Ring


I know I’m late on putting this up. My wife and I were married on May 16th. Three months ago I didn’t have a ring picked out for myself. My wife had found this web site and was showing the skull rings. I’m a biker what bike does not like skull rings? I love the hell out of my wedding ring. Come on what women would love you enough to let you get a skull wedding ring? Will my does. When she got to see in person she loves it. Everyone has to do a double look at it. And it’s the right size, it never gets in the way of anything I’m doing with my hands. Thank you very much for making this ring for me.

Pokemon Mew and Black Rhodium Zelda Wedding Rings


We had already decided on going with custom wedding bands and had something in mind when we started looking for someone to make them. We saw some of the other custom work Takayas had done, and knew we could approach him with our ideas. The Zelda band was pretty straightforward, but the Pokemon Mew one was definitely more complicated and I sent him a bunch of images for reference so he could get a better grasp of making a 2D form into 3D. I knew I wanted Mew wrapped around my finger and holding something like a sapphire to maybe look like a water bubble.

Before Takayas even started on concepts, he told me right away that he would not push into making the rings until we were completely satisfied with the concepts, but the amazing part was that when he did come back with concepts, we loved everything about them. He originally had two concepts for the Mew band, but the gold shaped into the bubble with the water streams around it just really stood out because of the artistic quality and effort Takayas put into making it look like it was suspended in motion. Takayas also went a step further to make the Zelda band a little more unique by adding the mini triforces along the top and bottom edges of the band. It was very easy for him to change the metal colors around as well since I wasn’t sure if I was going to like rose gold or white gold more for Mew.

Once we received the actual rings, they were even better than the images and we are still excited about them. I didn’t realize until I put my ring on that it had some good weight to it, which immediately relieved any concern of it being frail or unable to hold up to every day wear. Takayas is amazingly skilled at what he does, and we will forever sing his praises and return to him again when we need something else custom made. I hope making our bands will help in showcasing his talent to the same caliber of how much we love what he made for us.

Garnet and Diamond Mother’s Ring


This has been an extremely good experience working with Takayas. After buying another “production” Mother’s ring on-line only to be disappointed in the quality. Dull and lifeless and looked nothing like the picture on their website.

After reviewing Takayas extensive portfolio and reviews, I decided to trust him in making a ring for me. I first sent him the on-line picture of what I had previously ordered and wanted that style but good quality. His first rendering he sent me was stunning and took the common looking design to a whole other level while maintaining the original style that my wife had liked. When I asked about possibly doing the under carriage of the ring top with a little less angles, he then asked the “right” question. He asked if I was looking for something modern or something more “vintage”. That was it, I had been looking for more vintage, but had not known how to express that. He then asked if my wife had a favorite design, symbol or flower. After looking at the dozens of fleur-de-lis in our house, I knew how to respond. His second set of renderings was spot on! He took one of her favorite symbols and elegantly introduced them into the design element making up the under carriage structure of the ring.

Next, he worked with me to get find the right color of garnets (birthstones) sending me several pictures and finally finding the right high quality ones. I was amazed when he told me the ring was completed just one week after selecting the garnets. It arrived today and it is stunning. All the stones are very lively and of excellent quality. My wife will cherish this one of a kind Mother’s ring with a personal touch.

I will definitely be contacting Takayas for my next project. He has won my trust and respect for his professionalism and incredible talent. Thank you!

Emerald and Diamond Zelda Rings


The work done was breath taking.

Seeing your own design come to life, with the guidance of a master craftsman is an experience that should be sampled at least once by every person.



I love my ring so much that I can’t stop looking at it. Takayas gave me exactly what I had envisioned and his craftsmanship is impeccable!

Topaz Engagement Ring

Mason & Robin

It is so light and delicate! Even though you had explained that the CAD would make it seem heavy and clunky, it was still quite a surprise to see how fine it is.

Beautiful work! I am intrigued at how you designed it to have no places for the hair to catch in it, yet it has so much light in it. I was surprised that the bezel surrounded the bottom of the aquamarine is in its little bowl.

I had expected it to be open somewhere to let light in, because that is what I have seen before. While you had explained that the stone would appear darker and more intensely colored in the setting, I hadn’t grasped the visualization well enough.

I have to go back to remembering the Autobiography of Benvento Cellini, to his descriptions of how he used a foil under the stones in his pieces. Now I’m going to research for more images, to understand more.

Custom Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring and Wedding Band


Takayas. I received the rings today. They look exquisite.

Thank you again. We’re both very happy with your design, finished product, and the service.

Wedding/ Anniversary/ Engagement Ring Set


This ring was planned over the last 10 years. We couldn’t afford anything really costly at the time we were married. So I found a setting and a lower quality diamond to get married with and told her on our 10 year anniversary her new ring would be fabulous. A couple years before our 10 year we started talking about what we wanted. We searched and searched, nothing even came close! But in the process we found what we liked and didn’t like. We just couldn’t find it in one ring. So we decided we would see about having one made custom. The first few attempts locally turned up nothing.

I discovered Takayas’ profile and invited him to the project. His style of work and visionary abilities that I saw in his past work were exactly what I was looking for in a designer. I needed someone to take our vision and make it a reality. His communication was quick! His renderings of the project were a huge help! In fact he so quickly took our description and created a rendering of exactly what we wanted, that the final design was done before I was even able to hire him! So at that point it was simple! How many other designers can say they are an internationally recognized award winning jewelry designer and not be bragging? It’s the truth! We decided to pickup our rings in person, even though we live 1380 miles away from his office, on our anniversary.

His office is very professional and is a working environment. He will show you exactly how he takes your idea from design to final polishing all within his studio. I’ve already got ideas for the next piece of Takayas Custom Jewelry! Takayas is one very amazing designer!!!

Manson Engagement Ring

Barry & Laura

My fiancée proposed to me underwater snorkeling over a coral reef…and the ring he picked out was actually from Kohls as #1 he didn’t want to get an expensive ring and drop it into the reef! and #2 he wasn’t sure if I would like what he picked and his plan was to take me ring shopping afterwards. Well, he didn’t drop it….and I LOVED the ring, I didn’t want another ring, I wanted THAT one. Unfortunately, since it was a $15 ring from Kohls, the life of the ring was going to be cut short (it was only a matter of time before my finger turned green, the “plate” started to wear and the copper started to show through)…..we looked everywhere for a ring that looked exactly like it and could not even find one similar….I wanted THAT ring, that HE picked, it was so special to me. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

So I put up my story that’s when we were contacted by Takayas. Not only was he able to create a “real” ring for me that was a replica of my “place holder” engagement ring, in the metal we requested (palladium), but he also was able to create certain custom designs to the ring, such as channel-set princess stones to the sides (rather than round stones), and a European style shank. In addition, we asked that he create an accompanying wedding band. We really did not have one in mind, and let him design one of his own and he came up with one that is absolutely beautiful and compliments the engagement ring perfectly! Aside from the spectacular design he did, the quality of the work, and close attention to detail that was given, the one thing that impressed us the most was his communication throughout this entire process. Never once did he try to change my mind on what I wanted to achieve with my ring. He always got RIGHT back with us whenever we messaged him. Even when he went out of town, his assistant Marta was excellent in responding to our messages on his behalf. He always answered our questions thoroughly and explained the process to us. We would be very comfortable recommending anyone to Takayas, and we would not hesitate to do business with him again in the future.

Thank you again Takayas for helping us create a replica of our engagement ring that will last us a lifetime! You are amazing and we are so thankful!

Barry & Laura

14K Diamond Spiral Ring


My fiancé bought a diamond and said I could pick an engagement setting. After scouring the internet, the Los Angeles Jewelry District, and various jewelry stores, I decided to have my engagement ring custom made because it would be unique. I picked Takayas after seeing the photos of his past work and the great reviews. Each piece was so different than the other, which made it obvious to me that he is both talented and listens to his clients. Since I live in LA, I went to his office for the initial meeting. I was nervous about going because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted but I showed him two rings that I liked and explained why I liked them. He also worked within my budget. When I saw the CAD model, I knew that was the ring I wanted. Now that I have the ring, I can’t stop staring at it! He really has an eye for shape and proportion. To sum it up, Takayas is professional, creative, talented, detail oriented, and he adds a touch of elegance to his designs.

Northeastern University Cufflinks


Working with Takayas was great. He walked us through the process step by step. Informed us on necessary changes and the work around needed to achieve the final product. We received our Custom Made Cufflinks on Friday October 5th, 2012 and they look beautiful. Thank you for your efforts. I know that we will be ordering more.

Chicago Gate Bean Engagement Ring


I had a very urgent request for Mr. Takayas to make me a custom ring in bean shape, for me to use as my proposal gift. He got on the project right away and pulled through with the product in 4 days. Spoke to him on Monday night, I picked up the product on Friday evening.
I had a concept, he understood and sent me computer-aided-drawing right away, which was better than my concept. I will absolutely work with him again, if I ever need a custom jewelry. Great communication and unbelievable commitment on his word.
Thank you so much, Mr. Takayas!

Silver Mocking jay and Deathly Hallows Necklace Pendants


I have been searching for someone to do these pendants for me and to make them one of a kind. I also was searching for someone who could give me exactly what I wanted when it came down to my project and Takayas blew me away. Not only was he very communicative, but he made sure to keep me updated on every step to ensure that what he was designing was what I wanted. I also received my gifts in adorable boxes that were easy to wrap for the holidays and the packaging they were sent in were top notch. None of my items were damaged when they arrived and I had no complaints. I would tell recommend that if you’re reading this, to use Takayas. He and his team will not let you down in any aspect.

Birthstone Ring


Working with Takayas was nothing less than exceptional. I had an overall idea of what I wanted and he nailed the ring exactly on the first try. I also asked for a quick turn around and he met it with 2 days to spare. I’m thankful for finding Takayas and will use him for all my future custom jewelry needs.



It was really a pleasure to work with Takayas Custom Jewelry. He is a master of his work, and cares very deeply about each project he takes on. He is a beacon of excellence, and wants nothing but to please his customers, going to great lengths to accomplish that. In the future, I will definitely work with him again if the opportunity presents itself!

Galaxy Ring


I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to replace my wife’s damaged wedding ring set. I wanted something non-traditional and unique to our relationship. I came up with a rough idea that I called the galaxy ring. Takayas worked with me on the idea and I was blown away with the renderings. The actual ring blows those renderings out of the water. I am so happy. My wife just keeps staring at her ring. She just loves it!

Spider-Man Engagement Ring


Takayas took my vision and turned it into reality. From the beginning of the project to the end, communication was great. He kept me informed of every little step that was being taken. I will be returning back and working with him again. Need to get wedding bands done next. Thank you so much for the beautiful Spider-man engagement ring.

14kt White Gold Shinobi Pendant


I have no complaints. They were awesome. Every time I asked a question I never had to wait more than a few hours for a response. Taking into account the 4 hour time difference that is great in my books!! The communication was perfect and the finished product exceeded all my expectations!!!

14K White Gold Finger Print Bands


Takayas Custom Jewelry did an amazing job on my project. They always provided quick feedback and were able to easily adjust the completion timeline in order to meet my deadline. The jewelry that I received was exactly what I was looking for and was of good quality. I strongly recommend Takayas Custom Jewelry!

Engagement and Wedding Ring Replica


I want to share my wonderful experience with potential customers. Like many of you, having a custom piece of jewelry made for the most important person in your life is very stressful. You want to make sure you are able to convey the elements you want, but more importantly you want to make sure the artist listens and creates a master piece.

I knew from our first meeting (via telephone) that Takayas was the right person for the job. Threw my very crude drawings he was able to not only meet my HIGH expectations but blow them away!

My story is simply this:

20 something years ago I was in the military, married with a child things were very tough financially. So one day we decided to pawn our wedding rings for milk and diapers…long story short we lost them. I have always felt guilty about letting that happen. Fast forward to today, life is good and we have our 25th anniversary coming up…so I sketched out what her rings looked like (really bad drawing) and Takayas was able to nail it. Of course he upgraded the diamonds and added something’s special to the inside of the wedding band…our children s birthstones counter-sunk in to the ring itself. Brilliant move!!!!

Claddagh Heart Ring


Over all I think the ring came out great! My fiancé loves it, and I could not have picked a better jeweler to help me produce this piece of my family’s history.

Knot Wedding Rings

Hisano & Jeremy

I truly value Taka’s meticulous craftsmanship.
He understands the beauty of stones and refines them with his elegant designs.
I love my simple yet elegant design of my engagement ring. The delicate setting shows the stone beautifully while securely holding it.
I get many many compliments on my pearl ring! I love the organic style of the setting.
It is definitely a one-of-a-kind design for a special pearl.

George Lynch “Mr. scary” Cable Connector


After working with another designer on the Mr. Scary cable connector housings, we were not getting the quality or the style art work George Lynch wanted.  After meeting Takayas he understood right away what George was looking for and created bad ass cryptic looking cable connector housings for us. He was easy to work with and is extremely talented at his craft.  According to George Lynch “Now, not only do the cables make the sound great, and they are really heavy and substantial, but they look cool.  The “Mr. Scary Cable” sounds as stunning as they look now.” 

Custom Pearl Ring

Sarah M.

After being turned away by jeweler after jeweler, Takayas agreed to make the setting for the pearl ring. My fiancé wanted to propose while we were on vacation, and Takayas designed, made, and shipped the ring in about a week.  The ring is stunning.  It’s elegant and has a traditional engagement ring look, even though the stones are not traditional.  It’s so special because it was designed especially for me.

The service I received was always prompt, and all of my emails were answered within a few hours, usually within one hour.  They were kind, and Takayas’ work has no equal.  I’m so glad that my fiancé found him, and I look forward to doing business with them again in the future!

Custom Wedding Bands


Thanks so much for the wedding bands!!! You did an amazing job and were able to create exactly what we wanted!! LOVE them!