A Deeply Meaningful The Legend of Zelda Inspired Ring

Earlier this year, Takayas received a request for one of his favorite motifs for jewelry – The Legend of Zelda. In fact, many years ago when he was just starting out as a jewelry designer, Takayas’ unique jewelry artistry was discovered when one of his Zelda inspired designs went viral. When Takayas heard our client wanted to create a ring that encompassed the Majora's Mask, Couple’s Mask, and Zora’s Sapphire, he was excited to go on another The Legend of Zelda inspired jewelry adventure. How to combine these distinct elements into one cohesive and beautiful design was Takayas’ challenge. To start, the crowning centerpiece of the ring had to be Zora's Sapphire exemplifying the love the couple shares in life as well as their mutual passion for the Legend of Zelda. Adorned in 14K yellow gold, at the center of the three brilliant sapphire stones sits a sparkling amethyst, a stone symbolizing calm wisdom. Flowing from the majestic Zora Sapphire, Takayas designed the Couples Mask flanking ring’s centerpiece. As a symbol of two people dedicating their lives to each other, the Couples Mask sits tenderly on the white gold shoulders of the band. The open-work design of the Couples Mask gives the ring a lighter feel and tapers into the next part of the couple’s story. The Couple's Mask transitions into the powerful Majora's Mask on the sides of the band, literally and figuratively giving support and strength to the ring. Takayas chose to design an abstract interpretation of the Majora's Mask to give the ring a cohesive and elegant feel. With the design complete, Takayas hoped the design encapsulated everything our client wanted to convey -- the commitment and love the couple had for each other and their shared passion for The Legend of Zelda.

When our client saw the finished ring, he shared these kind words with us: “It was amazing to see the ideas I shared be incorporated into the ring design in ways I couldn't even imagine. When we both saw the ring we were stunned by the beauty and uniqueness of the ring. My partner always wanted a Zora sapphire ring as it always represented something special for her. I'm happy to share that she's very happy with it and so am I. I can say that for us this ring and experience will always be special as it represents the love we have for one another. We're truly grateful to Takayas and the team for this great experience.” We’d like to thank the couple for taking this jewelry journey with us. We wish them happiness and a lifetime of delightful adventures!


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