Final Fantasy X Yuna & Tidus Inspired Engagement Ring

Proposing to spend a lifetime together with the one you love is a sincere and special moment. Takayas Custom Jewelry can help you add a personal and unique touch to that moment by helping you craft a beautiful and one-of-a-kind engagement ring! Andrew reached out to us with a plan to propose to Bernice with a ring crafted with meaningful memories that she could cherish forever. Andrew recounted to us how he and Bernice met outdoors, they shared a fondness of nature with a greater shared love for Final Fantasy. They learned after being together that their characters in Final Fantasy XIV shared the same data center, a chance meeting from the dozens of worlds available to choose from. Each had fond memories of playing Final Fantasy X as kids and they created new memories by playing through the game once more together as adults. For them, Takayas brainstormed a gorgeous design that symbolized the synergy of their relationship. Drawing inspiration from the love story of Yuna and Tidus they favor, Takayas crafted an exceptional ring that incorporated elements notable to the FFX couple as well as those that are special to Andrew and Bernice. A mystifying amethyst center stone blooms within an exquisite design inspired by the hibiscus flower on Yuna’s obi. Along the band, embellished by a trail of lovely amethysts, graceful blossoms drawn from the floral motif that adorns Yuna's skirt intertwine and decorate a dashingly detailed carving of the pattern found upon the hilt of Tidus' Brotherhood sword. For an added touch, Takayas engraved Yuna's staff within the under gallery of the elegant ring and accented it with a verdant emerald stone. Placed at Andrew’s request, the stone serves as a special note to honor and remember someone dear. Reaching out following his successful proposal, Andrew shared with us the joyful news and some kind words, “Thank you so much again for taking the journey with me. I am ever so grateful for your amazing design and Bernice was very much overjoyed with your piece. I proposed to her on December 29th, and she said yes!”

Congratulations, Andrew and Bernice! We thank you for inviting us to be a part of your amazing custom journey. We wish you both great blessings and an abundance of love! 


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