Final Fantasy XIII Crystal Stasis Inspired Engagement Ring

Many times, our clients have no idea what they want for their custom jewelry, so they leave it entirely up to Takayas. Other times, clients know exactly what they want and give Takayas images of design inspirations for him to contemplate for their bespoke design. Takayas is glad to accommodate his client’s needs and desires no matter how they want to work. For Jun and Jesse, they had a clear idea of what they envisioned for their wedding rings for each other. We were delighted to receive mood boards filled with images, videos, and thoughtful notes that the couple created for their most meaningful projects. The abundant thought they put into it allowed Takayas to translate their vision into something unique to them with the clean Japandi aesthetic that they love. This week we feature Jun’s ring for a Final Fantasy XIII Crystal Stasis inspired ring for his beloved Jessie. At the focal point of Jesse’s ring is a brilliant shimmering diamond, a symbol of strength, love, and health. Surrounded by flowing twists and adorned with twinkling diamonds, the ring resembles the form of the crystallized Cocoon from Final Fantasy XIII. Taking on the role of the floating paradise, the center stone shines beautifully decorated with arching designs, accompanied by smaller diamonds that shine like crystals. Further along the band, trailing its shoulders is the Crystal Pillar from the game's iconic logo that takes the form of Serah's engagement pendant. Takayas drew the pendant's pattern to fill the space of the sides of the band, creating two pendants that symbolize the promise of love between Serah and Snow . . . Jun and Jessie

All this magnificent iconography is set in a glistening white gold band that beautifully encapsulates the connections, relationships, and emotions that Jun wanted to feature from FFXIII in a Japandi minimalist design.

It was a true joy for Takayas to be a part of Jun and Jessie’s story. Next week we look forward to featuring the ring that Jessie commissioned for Jun! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? 


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