Mischievous Moogle Inspired Engagement Ring

"Moogles are one of her favorite things, they are cute and mischievous just like she is," said Evan about his partner Alice. When he reached out to us to commission an engagement ring, Evan was sure of two things. He wanted the ring to feature a rich red ruby – a symbol of love and commitment – and the design had to be inspired by Alice’s favorite character from Final Fantasy. With Final Fantasy and Moogles as his inspiration, Takayas delighted in designing the ring Evan envisioned for Alice. At the center of the ring a vermillion ruby crowns the apex of the ring. As always, Takayas deeply considered the details. Look carefully at the ruby’s prongs and you’ll see the Moogle’s ears grasping the magnificent gem. Oval cut rubies adorn the shoulders of the ring, representing the Moogle’s adorable nose. From there, glistening diamonds cascade down the sides of the shimmering band. From the side gallery, the design reflects the bat-like scalloped Moogle wings. The wings meet together under the rich ruby center stone with a glistening diamond, perfectly placed in the center like the Moogle's pom pom. While Takayas' design for the engagement ring is a timeless abstract interpretation of Alice’s dear Moogle, there's a playful and more figurative representation hiding within the ring’s under gallery. Takayas engraved a Moogle on each side of the inner band, joined together by their pom pom. Forever connected, their shared pom pom is a sentimental symbol of the couple’s precious union. When Evan received his ring a few months ago, he patiently waited until the time was perfect to propose. Little did Alice know that he had a surprise for her on a beautiful Californian day. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the top-secret mission was complete. Alice said yes and the engagement was sealed with a kiss!

We’d like to wish Evan and Alice congratulations on their engagement. May your love grow stronger each and every passing year!


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