Final Fantasy X Tidus and Yuna Inspired Wedding Band

It’s always such a pleasant surprise to hear from our customers years after Takayas crafts their custom jewelry pieces. To our delight, our Australian friend Craig wanted Takayas to design his wedding band to coordinate with his fiancée Keira’s engagement ring that he commissioned a few years earlier. Once again, Takayas drew inspiration from Tidus and Yuna’s love story in Final Fantasy X when crafting Craig’s wedding band.

At the center of Craig’s wedding band sits a brilliant diamond surrounded by detailed patterns inspired by Yuna's Nirvana staff. The design echoes the heart-shaped diamond setting in Keira’s engagement ring with the eyes of the staff embellished with pink sapphires that represent Keira on both rings. Tidus's Brotherhood sword supports the design valiantly wrapping around Craig’s sophisticated band just as it does on Keira’s ring. Guarding either side of the shimmering gold band, verdant emeralds representing Craig adorn the mighty weapons. These waterlike swords serve as a symbol of the support the couple will give to each other during their loving union.

While Tidus says, “This is my story,” in Final Fantasy X, for Craig and Keira it is their story. We thank Keira and Craig for allowing us to be a small part of their story by creating their wedding rings. Here’s to a love story and an adventure that has no end! To read more about the engagement ring that Craig commissioned for Keira, visit our blog: FINAL FANTASY X NIRVANA AND BROTHERHOOD ENGAGEMENT RING 


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