Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian Inspired Engagement Ring

This week we tell the story of Jacob and Swati who visited our Los Angeles studio for an in-person consultation to create Swati’s Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian Inspired Engagement Ring. Giving deep consideration to their conversation, Takayas was delighted to incorporate beguiling aesthetics from an array of inspirations for Swati’s Astrologian inspired design. At the apex of the shimmering two-tone ring sits the brilliant heirloom diamond that the couple wanted to include for its beauty and sentiment. Taking the form of the 8-pointed star motif from the Astrologian's cards, Takayas formed an astral setting that perfectly embraces the elegant emerald-cut diamond. Securing the setting and forming a shining golden design is a crescent moon shape that wraps around the white gold band - a form that is reminiscent of the Astrologian's relic weapon, the Animated Atlas. Decorating the crescent shape are the patterns and stones found on the relic. Adapted and altered to fit the shape of the engagement ring, these patterns delicately adorn the shoulders of the band with brilliant blue sapphires. Thank you, Jacob and Swati, for allowing us to be a small part of your new journey together. May joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine! 


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