A Melodious Final Fantasy XIV Bard Inspired Ring

This week our love story begins with Josef commissioning a bespoke engagement ring for his beloved Karen. Both avid Final Fantasy XIV players, they met in the bustling port of Limsa Lominsa on the southern coast of the island Vylbrand, where Karen played the Bard. Josef envisioned a ring that would represent her character as well as her love of music and cherry blossoms. Touched by their sweet story, Takayas endeavored to represent the soul of the Bard, illustrated upon the shoulders of the ring. The design conjured the Bard’s well-renowned hat as the curved body of a charming harp harmonizes alongside it, reminiscent of the Bard's Soul Crystal and their most loved instrument. < At the apex of this ring is a sparkling aquamarine center stone, recalling the maritime city where the couple met and sitting tall as the heart of the design. Sweet cherry blossoms are seated on the side profiles of the ring adorning the center stone. Karen’s love for music was implemented as a treble clef within the design. Takayas cleverly included the curling pattern of the treble clef into the under gallery not only expressing Karen’s passion, but the beautiful love song they would make together as a married couple.

Thank you, Josef and Karen, for allowing us to be a part of your melodious journey together. May this ring evoke the fond nostalgia of your first encounter, the tender present moment of your love, and the warm anticipation for the years to come! 


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