Lord of the Rings & Final Fantasy XIV Inspired Heirloom Ring

While every commission is uniquely special to Takayas, sometimes we receive one that especially touches our hearts. Earlier this year, we were profoundly honored when Lacey contacted us to create a ring in memory of her husband who recently passed away. She wanted to create a timeless heirloom symbolic of their shared love of The Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy XIV as well as the precious family they created together.

Lacey graciously shared photos of her wedding day that commenced their precious union together. The blushing bride wore two dresses – a classic white wedding dress and a festive hanbok honoring her Korean heritage. Throughout their courtship, the couple enjoyed playing Final Fantasy XIV and had a passion for The Lord of the Rings. With their love mirroring that of Arwen and Aragorn they had a Tolkien-imbued wedding.

For Lacey’s deeply special ring, Takayas featured the couple’s birthstones along with those of their children. At the center of the ring, Lacey’s husband is symbolically represented by his birthstone, aquamarine, embraced on the sides with Lacey’s birthstone, alexandrite. Each of their children is represented by citrine, amethysts, and blue topaz down the shank of the ring. Takayas wanted to portray the family eternally untied through the rainbow of gems adorning the ring. Caressing the center stone, Takayas created a design based on Arwen's necklace on the shoulders of the band that marries into a design representing The White Tree of Gondor down the sides of the band. Takayas tried to evoke the idea of Lacey and her husband holding each child, represented by their birthstones. Transitioning to the side and under galleries of the ring, Takayas portrayed the couple’s fondness for Final Fantasy XIV with a design incorporating the Tishtrya's staff intertwined with the White Mage lily with Lacey’s birthstone, alexandrite, at the center of the design.

Upon seeing her ring, Lacey wrote, “I'm happy to have a piece made by Takayas that will stay in my family for many years.” We hope that the couple’s beloved children will look upon their mother’s ring and see the love their parents had for each other manifested in them. Wishing Lacey and her family a future full of happiness and love in the many years to come! 


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