Final Fantasy Ring - A Final Fantasy Engagement Ring Inspired by FFXIV Elpis Flower and Ninja Class

Takayas had the pleasure of collaborating with Andrew on his quest for the perfect engagement ring at the end of last year. Andrew took great care in providing thoughtful notes and inspirational images for the Final Fantasy XIV inspired ring. For this symphony of love and creativity, he chose the Elpis Flower and his girlfriend Sara's favorite Ninja class to be the muses for Takayas’ design.

Pear-cut Purple Sapphire Center Stone of Final Fantasy Engagement Ring

At the center of Andrew’s Final Fantasy ring inspired by the Elpis Flower and Ninja Class sits a magnificent pear-shaped purple sapphire that he selected from the gems that Takayas sourced. Caressing the beautiful center stone are two Elpis flowers on the ring's shoulders. Sparkling diamonds adorns the centers of the profoundly meaningful flowers. As a symbol of hope, the beautiful blossoms encapsulate the Andrew and Sara's dreams and wishes as they embark on their married life.


Final Fantasy XIV Ninja Inspired Motif on Final Fantasy Engagement Ring

From the Elpis flowers, an intricately designed ninja sword motif wraps around the ring's shank. Since Andrew wanted his Final Fantasy engagement ring to be timelessly elegant, Takayas designed the swords abstractly almost in a filigreed motif. While the casual admirer of the bride-to-be’s ring will comment on the beautiful design, only Sarah and Andrew will know its full symbolism. To give the ring additional sparkle, Takayas adorned the galleries with more diamonds.

Undergallery of Final Fantasy Engagement Ring

Takayas included a more literal nod to Sara’s job class inside the ring. The under gallery features the Ninja Job Class adorned with Elpis flower leaves for an elegant finishing touch. With the ring now complete, all Andrew had to do was to wait for the perfect moment to propose.

Finished Final Fantasy Engagement Ring on Takayas' Bench

We were delighted to hear that Andrew and Sara were officially engaged during a trip to Japan this spring. What an honor it was to have been a small part of this special time for them. We’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations and wish their marriage be filled with abundant cherished memories.


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