Final Fantasy VII Fenrir Inspired Wedding Ring

Last week we featured Jun’s timeless and elegant ring that he commissioned for his beloved Jessie. This time we are delighted to present Jessie’s ring for Jun. Jessie contacted us with the idea of creating a sleek and masculine wedding ring inspired by Fenrir from Final Fantasy VII. Takayas considered Jessie’s thoughtful mood board and translated it into a tangible piece of jewelry that commemorated the couple’s next adventure together. Keeping in mind that they preferred minimalistic design, he crafted a ring to capture the spirit of Fenrir, a mighty wolf from Norse mythology as well as a manifestation of Cloud in Final Fantasy VII. At the center of the gleaming white gold ring sits Fenrir's emblem as the focal point. Takayas meticulously sculpted his ferocious features to make Fenrir look like he is ready to leap out of the ring. From the sides of the band, the wing or feather-like design captures the look of Fenrir's thick tail flowing in the wind to give the design even more of a sense of action and movement. Further down the sides of the shank, there is a slight demarcation signifying Cloud's trademark weapon, the tapered Buster Sword. While understated in design, the ring makes quite a statement of strength. One could say this is the strength of the bond the lovely couple shares in their precious union together.

Upon receiving Jun’s ring, Jessie graciously shared these kind words: "Every step during the process of getting your custom ring made by Takayas is professional, courteous, and hands down a wonderful experience. Not only does Takayas truly understand the context and content behind your favorite games and inspirations, but he masterfully translates the look and feel of your ring into a meticulously detailed piece of artwork."

Thank you, Jessie and Jun, for going on this custom journey with Takayas. May you experience joy and adventures beyond your imagination!


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