Glowing FFXIV’s Nirvana Zeta Engagement Ring

Knowing his girlfriend’s fondness for Takayas’ one-of-a-kind Final Fantasy inspired jewelry creations, Garrett reached out to us to create a bespoke engagement ring. Garrett requested the ring feature a stylish kite-shaped center stone and a design imbued with the magic of the Nirvana Zeta Staff from Final Fantasy XIV. He envisioned the ring having an ethereal glow – a tangible manifestation of the profound love that emanates from his heart for his one and only, Tori. Takayas began Garrett’s ring with a shank gleaming in white gold. As the foundation of the ring, it is a symbol of the eternal and infinite love the couple share. For the centerpiece stone, Garrett was very specific that he wanted a prodigious and scintillating kite-shaped center stone which Takayas had custom cut by a master lapidarist for the project. Much like a kite soaring in the wind, the shape symbolizes freedom, adventure, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for the couple. From the sides of the band, the staff's brilliant glow forms with its flame-like feathers caressing the shoulders of the ring in rich yellow gold. To achieve the beautiful incandescence of the staff, not unlike the passion of the couple’s relationship, Takayas generously sprinkled the design with glistening yellow sapphires. In fact, almost 100 brilliant gems were meticulously hand-set into the design to achieve the luminous effect. Portrayed at the center of the golden shoulders, the dragon-like center spear projects from the middle of this most powerful white mage weapon. For the gem that dangles from it, Takayas used three peridot stones to represent Tori’s birthstone. Three also has an auspicious meaning representing the trilogy of the couple’s past, present, and future together. Known for hidden surprises in his designs, Takayas’ artistry transcends the visible as he extends his craftmanship to the very soul of the engagement ring. As thoughtful as the exterior, the inside of the ring becomes the canvas for laurel leaves as another nod to the feather-like glow of the Nirvana Zeta Staff. With this finishing touch, the ring’s design becomes a profound manifestation of Garrett’s tender outward gestures and innermost emotions for his beloved Tori. Upon completing the ring, Garrett asked us to send it to his trusted sister since he wanted the proposal to be a complete surprise. Ever the romantic, Garrett orchestrated a Bahamian escape to be the setting to ask the questions that would forever intertwine their lives. Against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches and the azure ocean, he proposed. With tears of happiness in her eyes and her heart brimming full of love, she accepted, and the couple embarked on the next adventure of their lives.

When we received the exciting news of their official engagement, Tori honored Takayas with this sweet sentiment: "Thank you so much for designing the ring of my dreams!!!! Ever since I found your site years ago, I knew that I wanted a custom ring when we eventually got engaged and this ring has exceeded every hope, dream, and idea. I will cherish this ring for the rest of my life, you and your team have truly done incredible work. The ring took my breath away when I first saw it and continues to do so whenever I look at it during the day (which is very often as Garrett said). Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible moment in our lives and for making me cry with utter delight and happiness when I saw the ring!!"

Congratulations, Tori and Garrett, on your enchanting engagement! Wishing your journey ahead be as beautiful and magical as the love that brought you to this moment! 


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