A Poignant Pokémon & FFXIV Scholar Inspired Wedding Band

This week we continue Karen and Josef’s love story with Karen commissioning a wedding band for her one and only. Karen envisioned a meaningful ring that would encapsulate their shared love for FFXIV as well as Josef’s passion for Pokémon. Takayas crafted Josef’s ring in two-tone 18K rose and white gold endeavoring to capture his gaming passions. The design features an elegantly molded item vital to a Pokémon trainer's quest -- the Poké Ball. Crowning the center of the Poké Ball sits a brilliant diamond accent stone. The ring design transitions into inspiration drawn from FFXIV with Eos keeping the trainer company ready to provide healing. Flowing at the sides of Eos's wings, curving and dancing along the band, is a filigree motif taken from a Scholar's clothing pattern that extends into the patterns found on Anabasis Lux's magic circle. Much like the clef representing her passion for music that Josef requested for her ring, Karen wanted to add a deeply personal final touch to Josef’s band. A cross is engraved inside the ring to serve as a tangible reminder of Josef’s faith that is always in his heart and quite literally near his fingertips.

Thank you, Karen and Josef, for entrusting us with the creation of your deeply meaningful wedding rings. We wish you continued love and adventure for many years to come!


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