Final Fantasy VII Inspired Rings

Step into the world of Final Fantasy VII with out latest blog post. In celebration of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s release this week, we’re showcasing four stunning designs inspired by the iconic characters and landscapes of this beloved RPG. Takayas is known for his Final Fantasy inspired designs, effortlessly melding the magic and nostalgia of the franchise with the heartfelt sentiments that embody a custom jewelry piece. Crafted with elegance and strength, Jesee’s commissioned men’s wedding band for her partner Jun captures the essence of Fenrir in a sleek and masculine design. Inspired by the spirit of the ferocious character, the band exudes power and sophistication, making it a timeless symbol of love and commitment. Read more about Jesse’s Final Fantasy VII Fenrir Inspired Wedding Ring Mai-Huy’s engagement ring features a dazzling diamond center stone, symbolizing the timeless beauty and strength of the couple’s love. Surrounding the diamond are delicate yellow lily flowers, reminiscent of Aerith’s iconic symbol and representing the blossoming relationship between Cloud and Aerith. With heartfelt symbolism, this ring is a testament to the enduring bond shared between two souls. Read more about Mai-Hy’s Final Fantasy VII Cloud & Aerith Inspired Engagement Ring Michael and Victoria’s engagement ring is a testament to their shared love for Final Fantasy VII, the game that brought them together. Inspired by the ethereal Lifestream and the colorful Materia, this ring features intricate iconography that captures the essence of their bond. The band is adorned with swirling patterns reminiscent of the Lifestream’s every-flowing energy, while vibrant Materia gems sparkle like stars against the night sky. With its enchanting design, this ring serves as a beautiful reminder of their shared passion and connection. Read more about Michael and Victoria’s Final Fantasy VII Materia Inspired Engagement Ring Andrew and Kristie’s engagement ring features an emerald center stone, symbolizing growth and harmony. Sephiroth’s wings on one side and his Masamune on the other pay homage to their shared love for Final Fantasy VII. This bold yet elegant design captures the duality of their journey together, making it a perfect symbol of their unique bond. Read more about Andrew and Kristie’s Final Fantasy VII Emerald Sephiroth Engagement Ring 


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