Final Fantasy XIV Red Mage Inspired Engagement Ring

With a mission to propose to his girlfriend in Japan after opening to international travelers again, our Scandinavia-based friend contacted us about creating a sleek and sophisticated engagement ring last year. He envisioned a ring that was inspired by his girlfriend’s Final Fantasy XIV Red Mage main character. As a certified gemologist, Takayas sourced a magnificent ruby for this special project. He placed the vibrant ruby as the centerpiece of the engagement ring embellished with elements unique to the Red Mage class. Crowning the ring, the passionate ruby center glows within an elegant claw-pronged setting. Takayas meticulously sculpted designs of the Red Mage's balance gauge on either side of the symbolic gem, enchanting the engagement ring with a unique aesthetic. At the end of each gauge further along the band are the two sigils of Black and White Magic found within the powerful Vermillion Scourge. Concealed within the undergallery of the engagement ring, beneath its scarlet center stone, are two Red Mage class logos carved in rotation upon one another as an added special touch. We wish our friend and his girlfriend safe travels on their upcoming engagement trip to Japan. May their journey be filled with happy memories to commence their precious union together! 


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