Kingdom Hearts and Digimon Inspired Rings with a Playful Instinctoy Touch

Kingdom Hearts and Digimon inspired Takayas with an abundance of ideas for the couple’s rings. Read More

Cherry Blossom Disney and Kingdom Hearts Inspired Engagement Ring

A Cherry Blossom adorned engagement ring commemorating a Japan trip with a surprise marriage proposal. Read More

Kingdom Hearts Kairi’s Keyblade Flower Inspired Ring

Takayas designed a Kingdom Hearts Kairi Keyblade Flower Inspired Engagement Ring for his beloved girlfriend. Read More

Passionate Purple Paopu Fruit Kingdom Hearts Inspired Engagement Ring

The romantic Paopu Fruit crowned the Kingdom Hearts inspired engagement ring. Read More

Kingdom Hearts and Eeveelution Inspired Engagement Ring

A bespoke Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon inspired engagement ring was the next step in their precious union. Read More

The Dark Crystal & Kingdom Hearts Inspired Claddagh Wedding Rings

Stunningly unique Claddagh-style wedding rings with a Kingdom Hearts inspired theme for her and The Dark Crystal film inspired theme for him. Read More

Kingdom Hearts Sora Oathkeeper Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

The iconic crowned heart curls around a glittering blue sapphire as the Oathkeeper keyblade's angelic feathers gracefully descend upon it. Read More

Kingdom Hearts Star Seeker Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

A lustrous sapphire sits at the center of this engagement ring within a crescent moon and star setting inspired by the Star Seeker Keyblade. Read More

Square Enix Inspired Wedding Bands

Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You inspire these wedding bands for a Square Enix loving couple, with a special League of Legends themed touch. Read More

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