Square Enix Inspired Wedding Bands

Amery and Grace have loved to game together throughout their entire relationship. Takayas Custom Jewelry was eager to create a pair of wedding bands that told their wonderful story as a couple, illustrated through the video games and memories they hold most dear! Their spectacular jewelry spotlights their favorite Square Enix titles, Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You, with additional League of Legends themed details. A sweet Paopu Fruit in the center of their designs celebrates the unbreakable connection between Amery and Grace. To complement her classic engagement ring, Grace's Paopu Fruit glitters with radiant pavé diamonds. Ornate star-like shapes inspired by the teeth of the Oathkeeper Keyblade frame each wedding band's centerpiece. Takayas carefully sculpted one side of the bands into three-dimensional chains, reflecting the distinctive style of the Oblivion Keyblade. The opposite side features a special element unique to Amery and Grace's personal favorite characters from another game, League of Legends: Amery's band showcases Yasuo's signature winged pauldron, while Grace's band is embellished by Lulu's faerie companion Pix. As a final touch, Takayas engraved the underside of the Paopu Fruits with the iconic Player Pin from The World Ends With You. The two symbols seamlessly merge together to represent Amery and Grace's partnership through life and beyond! Thank you, Amery and Grace, for inviting us to craft your amazing and meaningful pair of matching wedding bands. We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, and plenty of exciting new games to play together! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.