Kingdom Hearts and Digimon Inspired Rings with a Playful Instinctoy Touch

Desmond contacted us for a pair of rings to affirm his future with his partner Joshua. With Kingdom Hearts and Digimon dear to their hearts, they were the natural choices for their rings’ motifs. Additionally, they wanted to find a way to incorporate Instinctoy as a playful touch. With an abundance of inspiration marinating in his mind, Takayas endeavored to create coordinating rings with each one unique to each partner. One ring would feature Digimon’s Crest of Hope and Seraphimon. The other ring would feature the Crest of Light and Ophanimon. To begin, Takayas crafted the bands from glistening platinum juxtaposed against rose gold details. As the centerpiece, Kingdom Hearts’ Wayfinder is the heart of their bands. The Wayfinder is highlighted with a diamond to crown this sacred symbol of the couple’s unbreakable connection and destiny together. For the Seraphimon inspired ring, Takayas depicted Digimon’s Crest of Hope, a fortuitous symbol that embodies the couple’s wish to always look out and care for each other. Wrapped around the sides of the band, celestial Seraphimon’s mighty armor and helmet design are artfully depicted. A petite glistening diamond adorns each side of the ring. For the Ophanimon inspired ring, Takayas placed the Crest of Light, an auspicious symbol of all that is good and a talisman of a lifetime of brightness and clarity. Wrapped around the sides of the band, Ophanimon’s intricate armor and shield give it a sophisticated look. Diamonds bejewel the band’s regalia. Lastly, as a playful sweet sentiment, Takayas placed the image of an Instinctoy in the under gallery of both rings. It serves as a reminder to savor every day and enjoy it with joy and optimism.

Upon receiving their rings, Takayas was humbled by the couple’s kind words: “Takayas' work is nothing short of breathtaking. He worked with the ideas that we have in mind and materialized them in 3D form first. It was beyond our expectation and we fell in love with the designs from the start. The rings were full of details and Takayas' attention to details were outstanding.”

We like to wish this Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, and Istinctoy enthusiast couple a lifetime filled with adventures, love, and collectibles. May Desmond and Joshua’s journey together be as epic and exciting as their favorite worlds! 


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