Kingdom Hearts Aqua Keyblade Armor Inspired Wedding Band

Alongside her surprise The World Ends With You inspired wedding band for her fiancé Angel, our friend Cristine also commissioned an extraordinary wedding band of her very own from Takayas Custom Jewelry. Made to fit her Kingdom Hearts Aqua Keyblade themed engagement ring, her amazing new design revolves around Aqua's Keyblade Armor!


Cristine's goal was for her wedding band to feel like a continuation of the engagement ring she owned and loved. Takayas carefully detailed her design to reflect new elements of Aqua's character, while flattering her existing jewelry's unique style. Serving as an eye-catching centerpiece, the special Terra's Mark references both Aqua's classic outfit and the meaningful Wayfinders she crafts for her precious friends.


Aqua's magical Keyblade Armor lends structure to the band itself. Striking white gold pauldrons flank each side of the Terra's Mark, blending into the Armor's arm guards. The streamlined wings of Aqua's helmet wrap sleekly around Cristine's finger, tapering to an elegant point.


Cristine was thrilled to add her finished wedding band to her and Angel's collection of spectacular custom jewelry. "I absolutely love both my rings," she rejoiced. "Together or apart, they are just beautiful."

Thank you, Cristine and Angel, for inviting us to create an incredible set of custom rings that pay tribute to what you both love. We wish you two a lifetime of joy together!

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