Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars Inspired Engagement Ring

This week we feature a ring crafted by Takayas that was commissioned with love by Alex for Steffi, his girlfriend of 10 years, to take the next step in their precious union. Inspired by the captivating worlds of Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts, the engagement ring seamlessly intertwines the essence of both franchises, creating a symbol of eternal devotion and adventure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ring is a testament to the depth of their connection and the journey they’ve embarked on together as well as the adventures to come. The ring's foundation is crafted from luminous white gold with a shank that showcases a design inspired by the Oathkeeper Key blade in yellow gold. Adorning the wing and heart design it is a row of amethysts. Moving to the side galleries we find the Jedi Order symbol bejeweled with emeralds representing how the couple has shared in personal sacrifices to achieve their dreams. To be sure, as the years go by during their marriage, they will continue to achieve things together beyond their imaginations. At the apex of the ring is an alluring alexandrite center stone. A clever detail, the Jedi order symbol creates the prongs to tenderly hold the beautiful gem in place. Reflecting the beautiful purple and greens in the ring's amethysts and emeralds, the alexandrite is a metaphor for the couple’s relationship - how they've come together to complement and complete each other. Takayas' signature - hidden details in the under gallery - is inspired by the Oblivion key blade. This portion of the ring references the key blade hilt's batlike wings and the design held within its center. The intricate design is the foundation for the alexandrite’s setting. It could be said that this is a nod to the strength and interwoven memories that the sweet couple’s relationship is built on.


We were delighted to hear Alex officially proposed on a glorious day bathed in sunlight amidst the serene beauty of Moss Lake at Enchanted Rock State Park near Austin. With the picturesque lake glistening and reflecting the joy in his eyes and heart, Alex presented the ring to Steffi. A tender kiss symbolically sealed the deal on a day Steffi recalls they, “hiked in Enchanted Rock and came back with an ‘enchanted’ rock.”

We’d like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the couple for entrusting us with the creation of their special ring. We wish Alex and Steffi a lifetime filled with love, joy, and countless cherished moment as they embark on this new chapter together. 


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