Kingdom Hearts Star Seeker Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

Cameron wanted to give Jean not only an engagement ring that he would love but also one that would represent their beautiful relationship. In Kingdom Hearts whenever Sora was lost Mickey was there with words of encouragement. In their relationship, Mickey is to Sora as Jean is to Cameron. Which is why Cameron asked Takayas Custom Jewelry to create an engagement ring inspired by Mickey’s Star Seeker Keyblade. Takayas deeply enjoyed crafting a ring that represented how Jean is always there to help Cameron see the light. The guard of the Star Seeker gives structure to the ring’s elegant shoulders, flowing gracefully like a pair of shooting stars. Jean’s lustrous sapphire birthstone sits at the center within a crescent moon and star setting that form the Star Seeker’s teeth. “It’s perfect! I love it so much!” Cameron cried upon seeing the design Takayas had come up with. The reactions we receive from our delighted customers never cease to elate us! Thank you, Cameron and Jean, for choosing us to create your meaningful engagement ring. We hope your ring will forever represent the unbreakable connection you two share! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.