The Dark Crystal & Kingdom Hearts Inspired Claddagh Wedding Rings

Two lovely artists, Krystina and Seth, looked to create their very own custom-designed wedding rings. Wanting rings they could cherish forever with designs that hold great meaning, characterizing who they are as a couple but also incorporating their individual passions, they submitted an inquiry to Takayas Custom Jewelry with inspiration images of the unique motifs they each wanted to have in their rings! For the bride, Krystina’s ring features a lovely Claddagh style based around her love for the Kingdom Hearts series. A dazzling lab-grown alexandrite takes center stage, resting within the stylized curled heart, gently held between two sculpted hands. Negative space refines the points of the crown notably found atop the iconic curled heart. Ensuring the surfaces touching Krystina’s finger would be smooth and comfortable. For the groom, also featuring a classic Claddagh style Seth’s ring is themed after his favorite childhood film, The Dark Crystal. A Glefling’s three-fingered hands gently uphold a striking circular centerpiece, inspired by the innermost section of the Great Conjunction symbol. Along the bands of both rings Takayas carved intricate Celtic knotwork. Interweaving, open shapes tapering down to an elegant point, with a solid design at the bottom of each ring. Takayas also meticulously carved gorgeous notes within the undergallery of their rings. Beneath Krystina’s alexandrite is a beautiful spiral detailing, and the powerful Aureyal sigil can be found underneath Seth’s gleaming centerpiece. “We loved working with Takayas on our rings! When we were looking at rings for our wedding, we were looking for designs that were timeless but still tied into our nerdy side!” Seth and Krystina cheerfully shared with us. Both their families have Irish backgrounds, so the design of their rings seemed fitting as tributes to their ancestry along with their longtime friendship and love for one another. “Takayas did an amazing job working with us to blend these inspirations into the perfect rings! We love them and wear them all the time.” Thank you, Krystina and Seth, for the opportunity to craft not only one but two meaningfully unique pieces! We wish you both all the best and that your love may inspire a lifetime of great memories! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.