Passionate Purple Paopu Fruit Kingdom Hearts Inspired Engagement Ring

Earlier this year, Mark contacted us after he saw Takayas’ Kingdom Hearts inspired rings on our website. He wasn’t sure about all the details, but he knew he wanted a Paopu Fruit as the centerpiece of the ring that he’d propose with to the love of his life, Hannah. Crowning the shimmering platinum ring, Takayas placed Hannah’s beloved Paopu Fruit. Mark was very particular in his request for the color of the stone to adorn Hannah's ring. Takayas searched high and low for the perfect violet-purple sapphire to elegantly frame the romantic fruit. After reaching out to his extensive network of trusted gem vendors, Takayas came across a stone with just the cut that radiated the perfect hue for the ring. Gracing the shoulders of the band, trailing down from the fruit of destinies, are delicate floral embellishments that add a charming feminine touch. Brilliant diamonds adorn vines that gracefully wrap around the engagement ring blooming with flowers. Takayas sculpted the lovely, elegant design based on Kairi's floral Keyblade, Destiny's Embrace. The delicate floral motif completes the spectacular ring, a symbol of Mark and Hannah’s precious union. Mark shared these kind words about Takayas after he proposed to Hannah: “I only knew two things when I was ready to propose to my girlfriend. I had to get an engagement ring inspired by Kingdom Hearts, and that I couldn’t mess this up. I was filled with all sorts of nerves, but that all went away once I contacted Takayas and started working with.”

Recently, the betrothed couple let us know that they plan to take another custom jewelry journey with Takayas for their wedding bands. Thank you, Mark and Hannah, for entrusting Takayas to create your most special rings. It is with deep gratitude that we wish them all the excitement and joy during their engagement! 


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