The World Ends With You Inspired Men's Wedding Band

Back in 2018, our friend Angel proposed to his beloved partner Cristine with a gorgeous Kingdom Hearts themed engagement ring inspired by Aqua's Keyblade. This year, Cristine reached out to Takayas Custom Jewelry to return the surprise to Angel! His stunning custom men's wedding band represents another iconic Square Enix game that Angel cherishes, The World Ends With You.


To mirror the style of Cristine's Aqua themed engagement ring, Takayas based the design of Angel's wedding band around Kingdom Hearts' unique Skull Noise Keyblade, which incorporates core symbols and motifs from The World Ends With You. The stylized skull of the Player Pin that forms the Keyblade's teeth gleams in the center of the white gold band, cradled by the angular shapes of the Keyblade's hilt.

Angel's favorite character from The World Ends With You is Neku, the game's music-loving protagonist. Neku's signature chunky headphones extend down the center of the split shank like a sound wave between the edges of the Skull Noise Keyblade. Bright amethyst accent stones embellish the speakers, reflecting both Neku's costuming and Angel's favorite color.


"I can tell he is enjoying his ring just as much as me," Cristine cheerfully remarked after her one-of-a-kind jewelry creation found its home on Angel's finger. "I cannot thank Takayas enough!"

Stay tuned for our next post on Cristine's own special wedding band, inspired by the design of Aqua's striking Keyblade Armor!

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