Kingdom Hearts Engagement Ring Inspired by the Paopu Fruit and Oathkeeper Keyblade: Part One of Mikey’s Jewelry Journey

At our jewelry studio, every piece Takayas crafts tells a unique story, and Mikey’s custom engagement ring is no exception. Recently married, Mikey originally contacted us in 2021 to create a bespoke Kingdom Hearts Ring inspired engagement ring by the Oathkeeper Keyblade and Paopu Fruit. Little did we know that a couple of years later, the couple would honor us again by commissioning a set of wedding bands. This week, we feature Mikey’s first foray with Takayas to create the ring that commenced their engagement.

Mikey envisioned a ring that not only sparkled with the brilliance of the traditional engagement ring center stone, a diamond, but also carried a deeper and personal meaning. With examples of the Takayas’ Kingdom Hearts inspired rings that he and his girlfriend liked, Takayas embarked on creating a sleek and graceful ring that suited their streamlined and refined style.

A dazzling diamond center stone rests in the middle of the luminous white gold band, representing the eternal bond and intertwined destinies the couple shares. Takayas artistically sculpted the Oathkeeper's angelic wings to swoop up beneath the setting, cradling the stunning and meaningful Paopu Fruit. Nestled within this highly romantic Kingdom Heart iconography sits the scintillating round brilliant-cut diamond.

When Mikey received the ring, he whisked his girlfriend off on a tropical vacation to Hawaii. At breathtaking Secret Beach, he arranged for the proposal with fragrant orchids adorning the proposal site where he got down on one knee and proposed. His beautiful girlfriend rewarded his efforts with a resounding, “Yes,” and the couple became officially engaged.

Mikey proposing in Hawaii with his custom Kingdom Hearts Ring

We were honored to be part of Mikey’s jewelry journey with us. We look forward to sharing the next part of the couple’s story when we share their wedding band designs inspired by Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet and Final Fantasy XV.


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