Cherry Blossom Disney and Kingdom Hearts Inspired Engagement Ring

An engagement ring can embody so many aspects of a couple’s relationship. Jerry reached out to us with his heart brimming full of meaningful sentiments that he wanted to express in the engagement ring he planned to propose with on a trip to Japan. Jerry’s custom jewelry journey began with him sharing some of the things he and his partner enjoyed – Disney and Kingdom Hearts in particular. He also wanted to commemorate the surprise engagement trip to Japan. Since he planned to visit during springtime, cherry blossoms were the perfect motif to serve as a tangible reminder of this life-changing journey. Knowing that Jerry wanted an elegant and timeless design, understated but completely unique to their relationship, Takayas began by choosing a colorless diamond sparkling with delight to crown the rich yellow gold ring. The brilliant diamond sits regally within a six-pronged setting accompanied by a mouse motif recalling Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The iconic Disney couple charmingly sits on the band with diamonds. They can be thought to represent each partner in this precious union. Adorning the ring’s twisted shoulder and open side galleries are diamond-accented cherry blossoms and petals. This delicate and lovely arrangement of flora illustrates the temporal blooms that they would encounter in Japan. Under the resplendent center stone is the fruit of destinies. Takayas sculpted an image of a Paopu Fruit and placed it in the under gallery of the ring. With the under gallery boasting this meaningful nod to their affection for Kingdom Hearts, the ring was complete and ready to make its journey to Japan.

On a beautiful spot in one of many picturesque parks in Japan, Jerry and his beloved girlfriend donned traditional Japanese kimono. On a glorious day with the cherry blossoms in full bloom during a time that is known as Hanami – literally meaning blossom watching and a revered Japanese tradition – the couple took a leisurely stroll. In Japan, Hanami symbolizes the preciousness of life and is a time of reflecting on beauty and those we cherish most. In a setting that couldn’t have been more romantic, Jerry got down on one knee and presented his girlfriend with the ring that Takayas crafted for this moment. An enthusiastic yes followed along with a memory that would last their lifetime.

With heartfelt appreciation, we would like to thank Jerry for entrusting us with this most special project. We wish the lovely couple many more adventures as well as an abundance of happiness in their long lives together! 


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