Kingdom Hearts and Eeveelution Inspired Engagement Ring

We were delighted to receive a request from Brandi for Takayas to “work his design magic.” Friends since childhood, she and her partner Cody decided to take the next step in their precious union with a bespoke Kingdom Hearts and Pokémon inspired engagement ring. Cody introduced Brandi to Kingdom Hearts, so she wanted it to play a key part in her engagement ring’s design. Giving Brandi’s personal preferences deep consideration, Takayas sculpted an elegant tri-color gold design. As a symbol of the couple’s intertwined destinies, the Paopu fruit sits at the apex of the ring crafted from white gold. The Paopu fruit holds and protects Brandi’s favorite gemstone, a brilliant blue sapphire. Reaching toward the star-shaped fruit are the eye-catching electric and psychic-type Eeveelutions, Jolteon and Espeon. Takayas carefully sculpted the two Pokémon to display them in motion, seeming as if they are reaching from the sides of the band to share the fruit of destiny. Takayas crafted the Eeveelutions in a stance that would highlight their lithe features, one in yellow gold and one in rose gold on the shoulders of the glistening white gold band.

With plans to get married next year, smack in the middle of their two birthdays, this lovely couple just let us know that they would be honoring Takayas by commissioning their wedding bands as well. We wish Brandi and Cody every happiness during their engagement. We can’t wait to show you what Takayas creates in our next journey with them! 


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