Dungeons & Dragons Elvish Inspired Engagement Ring

At the heart of Dungeons & Dragons is the story that we collectively imagine together, just like every piece of jewelry Takayas creates. Read More

Hraesvelgr and Smaug Inspired Engagement Ring

The virtuous Hraesvelgr and mighty Smaug flank the center of the ring, protecting a prodigious emerald center stone as stalwart guardians. Read More

Lord of the Rings Mithril Inspired Engagement Ring

Balanced with a vibrant crimson focal point is a mithril-like ring with delicate leaves and intricate filigree adorning its shimmering band! Read More

Commemorating the Release of The Rings of Power – Some of Our Favorite Elven Inspired Designs

With the release of the new Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Power, this week we feature some of our beguiling elven inspired designs! Read More

Celtic and Elvish Scrollwork Inspired Engagement Ring

Elegant Celtic scrollwork weaves underneath as graceful vines intertwine and imbue this golden split shank ring with mystical elvish charm. Read More

Elven Rose Inspired Engagement Ring

Intricate vines and leaves weave together in this magical elven engagement ring that blooms like a rose, embellished with passionate rubies. Read More

Elven Inspired Alexandrite Wedding Ring

This magical elven inspired custom wedding ring features intricate two-tone filigree and a unique color-changing alexandrite center stone. Read More

Elven Filigree Inspired Engagement Ring

Delicate leaves and nature patterns wrap around a magical moonstone in this elven inspired engagement ring, with Victorian style filigree details. Read More

Lord of the Rings Evenstar Inspired Engagement Ring

A beautiful and timeless engagement ring reveals subtle elvish details inspired by Arwen's iconic Evenstar necklace from The Lord of the Rings. Read More

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