Elvish The Lord of the Rings Inspired Emerald Ring

Traveling from a picturesque Northern California oasis, an elvish gentlewoman made her journey to the concrete jungle of Downtown Los Angeles’ jewelry district to visit Takayas. Her mission was one of love and remembrance to create several rings that would serve as reminders of her late husband’s eternal love. This week, we feature Liz’s The Lord of the Rings inspired ring Takayas created for her with a magnificent emerald that her husband gave her as a birthday present. Beginning in their tender college years, Liz and her husband relished escaping into the fantasy of worlds such as that of The Lord of the Rings. For her first ring’s design, Takayas embarked on designing the ring that would feature Liz’s birthday emerald. The emerald crowns her ring secured by sprouting tendril prongs of a sinuous and organic design carved out of gleaming platinum. The elvish motif covers the side gallery in a symphony of swirls bejeweled with a diamond on each side of the precious verdant center gem. It’s said that emeralds symbolize domestic bliss by enabling the wearer to both give and receive unconditional love. What a lovely sentiment to be encapsulated by this tangible reminder of a special name day never to be forgotten! Flowing down each side of the band are rows of four diamonds gracing the serpentine design. In a stroke of serendipity, Liz let us know that she has four children and each of these diamonds represents them to her. Much like the individual facets that uniquely define each precious stone, we like to think that these diamonds mirror the district characteristics of her beloved brood. With Takayas’ signature inside the design, the ring beckons a closer look at the under gallery. Inspired by the elvish elegance of Arwen’s Evenstar pendant from the Lord of the Rings, the ring’s hidden heart underneath the prodigious emerald is a captivating canvas of sentiment. Designed with meticulous detail, the inside mirrors the outer beauty of the ring and nods to the everlasting love between partners.

With heartfelt gratitude, we would like to thank Liz for entrusting this poignant treasure with Takayas. May it serve as a constant reminder of love’s enduring song! 


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