Dungeons & Dragons Elvish Inspired Engagement Ring

Are you as excited as we are for the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? At the heart of Dungeons & Dragons is the story that we collectively imagine together, just like every piece of jewelry Takayas creates. This week we’re featuring an elegant engagement Dungeons & Dragons inspired ring that was commissioned by our friend Travis for his D&D-loving betrothed. Who says geeks aren’t chic?! Travis contacted us late last year to create a custom engagement ring for his beloved girlfriend who he shares a love for playing Dungeons & Dragons. He wanted to embody her woodland elf cleric character as well as her fervent interest in the natural and mythical worlds. Travis lovingly described her as a “modern-day version of the village wise woman or healer that loves plants, potions, and a tad bit of magic if you believe in such things.” Takayas deeply enjoyed crafting this mythical design inspired by the magical forests of fiction that are inhabited by fairies, elves, and witches. In this beguiling design, gentle vines and leaves of white gold curl and intertwine, reaching out to caress a beautiful pear-cut green sapphire. The center stone lays at the focal point of this design surrounded by lush vegetation that weave together to form gorgeous filigree. Accentuating this elegant design are small peridots, lining the shoulders of the ring's band with a budding soft green touch. “Takayas will ensure you won't be caught off guard by a nasty surprise. No mimics or magical traps here. I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which they addressed any of my concerns and made the whole process from start to finish transparent and open. I had many questions going in but at each step of the way they took the time to explain and communicate with me how each step worked and ultimately ensured I was comfortable with proceeding before making any decisions. I enjoy how effortless it was to communicate my wants and I'm more than happy with the results in the final product. No matter if you're a brand new adventurer looking to leave your mark on the world or a seasoned veteran ready to retire after saving the region one last time. With Takayas in your party, you'll always roll with the advantage.” A delighted Travis shared these kind words above when he received his ring for his modern-day elvish partner. Thank you, Travis, for allowing us to be a part of your quest to create this very special Dungeons & Dragons inspired engagement ring. Wishing you and your beloved fiancée a happy and adventurous journey as you start your new life together! Read more about other Dungeons & Dragons inspired rings created by Takayas here: Legend of Zelda x Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Wedding Band Crystalline Musical Moogle Inspired Engagement Ring Want to turn your role playing passion into your very own custom ring? Takayas Custom Jewelry would be delighted to help design your very own fantastical custom ring! 


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