Fantasy and Elvish Wedding Band inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Lord of the Rings

In the ethereal realm where love meets artistry, Fadwa embarked on a journey to create the perfect symbol of her affection for her fiancé. With a heart brimming with passion and a vision woven from fantasy, she sought to commission a wedding band that transcended the ordinary. Fadwa envisioned a design that seamlessly blended streamlined elegance with intricacy and take inspiration from the opulent courts of A Court of Thorns and Roses and the mystical allure of The Lord of the Rings. She was sure there would be no one more capable than Takayas to bring her dream to reality.

With A Court of Thrones and Roses swirling in his mind, Takayas endeavored to create a clean and elegant fantasy and elvish ring for Fadwa’s beloved. At the center of the ring is a black diamond set in gleaming platinum. The black diamond harkens to the night sky of Velaris.

Shining brightly on the sides of the black diamond are crescent moons inspired by the moon cycle from Fadwa’s inspiration images.

Gracefully flowing down the band, Takayas interpreted the Elvish Spell Tree motif - Lûth Galadh - broader on the shoulders and narrowing into a tapered elegant design. We like to interpret the design as a representation of the couple’s precious union – like trees growing up and up, fuller and fuller until their leaves intertwine.

Upon seeing her bespoke design, Fadwa shared these kind words:

“This exceeds all expectations, it is an amazing ring. The design is perfect, Takayas is truly a master craftsman. He has taken everything I wanted in a wedding band and effortlessly combined it in this design. I could not be happier!”

We’d like to thank Fadwa for commissioning her fantasy and elvish wedding band. We wish the couple a marriage journey shaped by love, inspired by fantasy, and bound by the magic of their custom wedding band!


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