Sisters of the Rings

If you think you need to be getting married to order a custom ring, think again. These two sterling silver thumb rings were commissioned to celebrate a different kind of relationship: the bond between sisters.

According to our client, Kristen, this custom design concept all started with an offhand comment about her being the Legolas to her sister’s Aragorn…

“We both enjoy hiking and going on adventures with each other. We always had talked about getting sister/adventure rings. And adventure + hiking + scenery + rings = Lord of the Rings! It just made sense and seemed to go together. We both love the Lord of the Rings, and for various reasons identified with and admired particular elements of those two characters. The fun dynamics and loyal relationship between the two recalled our own sister bond. So, to commemorate our adventures, and as a reminder of what we would like to aspire to, the idea of adventure/character rings was born. So while the Fellowship might have had leaf pins, we have rings ;)”

Kristen told us that both she and her sister love minimalism and clean lines, with her sister being particularly fond of “V” shaped rings. She also provided a rough sketch of what she was imagining for the top view of the rings, inspired by details from the two characters’ weapons and armor.

When Kristen saw her renders, she told us,"...I’m still blown away to see my ideas actually in ring form.”

Photograph of the finished Aragorn inspired ring for Kristen’s sister. Photograph of the finished Legolas inspired ring for Kristen.

Of course, the true test is the reaction to the finished rings. Once Kristen surprised her sister with this incredibly thoughtful gift, she got back to us with a lovely update: “My sister absolutely loves her ring! She hardly has taken it off since I gave it to her. They both turned out perfect! I can’t believe how much detail Takayas was able to fit on such tiny rings. Thank you for making my idea into a reality.”

Sisters-of-the-Rings-Aragorn-Legolas-by-Takayas-heart-hands.jpg Sisters-of-the-Rings-Aragorn-Legolas-by-Takayas-clasped-hands.jpg

We enjoyed working with Kristen and love that she decided to celebrate the bond of sisterhood with a unique pair of rings. If you’d like to do something similar for your brother, sister, or best friend, contact us to learn more, we would love to work with you!