Commemorating the Release of The Rings of Power – Some of Our Favorite Elven Inspired Designs

The new Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Power, launched last week and we are absolutely thrilled to jump back into the world of Middle-earth! As fans of fantastical and mythical tales, Takayas Custom Jewelry has been looking forward to the series since its announcement! Heroic sagas with compelling adventures inspire great imaginative art, which brings us to look back and feature some of the elven inspired designs we’ve created over the years. Lord of the Rings Celeborn & Galadriel Inspired Wedding Ring Set Eliel, seeking to craft a set of wedding rings that reflected the heart of Lothlórien for himself and his fiancée, Camila, came to Takayas with an inquiry. He requested that we drew particular inspiration from the elven kingdom’s light-flooded natural architecture and the majesty of its Lord and Lady, Celeborn and Galadriel. The results? A pair of rings with ornate curves accented with shimmering stones embodying the beautiful features of Lórien, from the regal auras of their leaders to the lively glow of their nature! Lord of the Rings Evenstar Inspired Engagement Ring Every work of art begins with an idea and a vision! Our friend came to us with a vision of an elegant custom engagement ring that reflects the enduring themes of The Lord of the Rings. Subtle elvish details embrace the dainty white gold shank of his custom ring. Graceful patterns inspired by Arwen’s iconic Evenstar necklace mirror across each shoulder as intricate branches of the White Tree of Gondor unfurl from within, upholding a pair of luminous opals and a glittering white centerpiece. Elven Filigree Inspired Engagement Ring What better way is there to propose to your partner than with a truly magical custom engagement ring? To fulfill Dennis’ dream of doing so, we crafted a stunning fantasy design inspired by the artistry of elven jewelry that showcases graceful nature themes. Imbuing his ring with the mystical power of the wood elves is a glowing moonstone accompanied by dancing leaves that cradle with loving care. Elaborate etched filigree fills the under gallery space formed by the twisting strands of the band, truly a delicate and ethereal engagement ring that would flatter the finger of any elven queen!< Elven Rose Inspired Engagement Ring A design from earlier this year, honoring Tyler’s request to bring “Amber’s Rose” to life in the form a gorgeous engagement ring, we crafted a magical elven inspired design that represents the world of love and admiration he holds for Amber. Graceful vines adorned with warm rubies and dainty leaves dance together to create a refined nature theme that exudes the mystical elegance of elves. With elegant stems reaching upwards and buds wrapping carefully around a vivid ruby center stone, Amber’s Rose signifies growth, resilience, and Tyler and Amber’s eternal devotion to one another. We just know that there will be wonderful new artwork stemming from The Rings of Power and we are filled with excitement in every bit of anticipation for it! The creators of the show have already begun paving the way with the practical effects they employed in filming the series’ captivating title sequence. Wish to create your own ethereal custom jewelry imbued with elven grace? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas today!