Elven Inspired Alexandrite Wedding Ring

Rafael's partner Glorimar adores the delicate, ethereal style of elven art. On the search for a romantic fantasy inspired wedding ring for his beloved, Rafael found the perfect design with Takayas Custom Jewelry! This sweet couple's gorgeous elven jewelry showcases a magical two-tone look, crowned with a colorful alexandrite. Elegant rose gold filigree drapes over Glorimar's white gold band, shimmering like the finest elven metalwork. Sinuous flowing vines weave together like a braid along the ring's shoulders. The graceful patterns unfurl into ornamental swirls that frame the design, calling to mind curling tendrils or the branches of an enchanted tree. Glorimar wanted a center stone that was as extraordinary as her design, and there are few gems more unique than the color-changing alexandrite! Intricate star-shaped prongs cradle the alexandrite to the left and right. Above and below, lovely chevron-shaped prongs reflect the dainty style of an elven tiara. "I love the ring!" Rafael exclaimed when Takayas shared the stunning design. "It completely surpassed my expectations!" Glorimar was just as delighted when Rafael revealed her finished one-of-a-kind wedding ring to her in person! Thank you, Rafael and Glorimar, for inviting us to craft such a beautiful and intricate elven wedding ring. We wish you countless years of love together! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.