Lord of the Rings Celeborn & Galadriel Inspired Wedding Ring Set

In the world of the Lord of the Rings, the realm of Lothlórien is tantamount to Eden. The fairest of all the lands of the elven people, it stands like a place removed from time, perpetually shining golden and green. Eliel came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a set of wedding rings for himself and his fiancée, Camila, that reflected the heart of the elven kingdom - with particular inspiration drawn from its light-flooded natural architecture and the majesty of its Lord and Lady, Celeborn and Galadriel.


Celeborn's necklace, a silver torque with an ornate structure, forms the basis of Eliel's ring. Fashioning the shank out of 14K white gold, Takayas molded the band into an intricate, twisting pattern, like branches intertwining in the canopy of a forest. The elegant design pays homage to the Sindarin etymology behind Celeborn's name - "silver tree"! In the center, a single black diamond adds a mysterious touch.


Galadriel's crown lends itself to the design of Camila's ring, a curvaceous twist of two-tone 14K white and yellow gold. Her powerful, regal aura imbues the curling branches, jeweled with glittering blue sapphire accent stones. To Eliel, one of the most beautiful features of Lothlórien is their legendary expanse of Mallorn trees, which glow with life even through the winter - here, their golden leaves cling tight to the silvery branches of the shank, symbolizing a love that lasts.

When Eliel and Camila first met, they knew that theirs would be a lifelong love. Even so, when they finally got to see their amazing rings, Camila was stunned! "She could not believe it!" Eliel said. "But she was very happy. It was the realization of a dream."


Their special project also commemorated the realization of another incredible dream - the birth of a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations, Eliel and Camila, on the wonderful relationship you've gotten to celebrate together for so many years, and the many more that are yet to come. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness, hand-in-hand with your precious daughter!

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