Fantastical Evenstar and Lego Inspired Engagement Ring

With a passion for the fantastical, Takayas finds solace and inspiration within the realms of fantasy. To his delight, Hayden requested an engagement ring for his partner Alexis that was imbued with the realms of Dungeons and Dragons and the magic of Middle-earth from The Lord of the Rings. The ring would feature a precious heirloom from Hayden’s mother – an exquisite marquise-cut diamond – and hold a whimsical surprise within its shank.

At the center of the intricate meticulously-designed band, sits the magnificent family heirloom diamond held by talon-like prongs. The marquise shape of the center diamond works splendidly with the elvish-inspired design as the angular shape is echoed throughout the ring.

Takayas deeply considered Hayden’s inspiration images and one in particular stood out - Arwen's Evenstar pendant from The Lord of the Rings. He incorporated elements from this iconic piece of jewelry on the shoulders of the ring adorned with sparkling diamonds. Along the shank, Takayas created his signature one-of-a-kind organic design. The lush and sinuous vine-like motif dances around the of the glistening platinum band. Just imagine an elven princess - Alexis - delighting in this forest of flora and fauna!Another Takayas hallmark is making his rings elaborate within the shank. Inside the band and below the shoulders, Takayas carved two starbursts representing Hayden and Alexis forever connected in their precious union. Finally, as a playful nod to Alexis' fondness for Legos, Takayas placed a petite Lego at the center of the stars - the final piece that completes the couple’s connection. Upon seeing the design, Hayden honored Takayas with his approval:

“I am absolutely speechless! This looks incredible. The subtle touches of the stars and the Lego piece were not expected.”

We’d like to thank Hayden for commissioning a ring where fantasy realms intersect with the intricacies of love. May Hayden and Alexis enjoy a lifetime of adventure, magic, and unwavering love as boundless as the fantasy worlds they cherish!


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