Elvish Dragon Age and The Lord of the Rings Inspired Ruby and Moonstone Ring

Kelly reached out to Takayas for a ring that would evoke the feeling of Dalish Elves, Elvhenan, or Orlesian aesthetics of Dragon Age blended with the organic motifs inspired by The Lord of the Rings. She requested a deep red ruby to be the centerpiece accompanied by adularescent moonstones. Takayas delighted in being transported to the regal and graceful elvish worlds that Kelly so adored. The beguiling ruby-centered engagement ring featured elegant rose and white gold as the canvas for his imagination. Woven knots of Celtic and Nordic motifs shaped the gorgeous design. Crowned with a crimson red ruby as passionate as Kelly’s heart, the rose gold metalwork intertwined into artistic filigree reflecting the noble elves. The wonder and luminescence of this magical world are expressed with lustrous moonstones on the shoulders. Takayas blended the intricate and graceful dancing patterns of the elvish theme from both Dragon Age and Lord of the Rings to showcase their elegance. He interpreted the lovely filigree pattern from the cover of Dragon Age's novel on the band and combined it with the iconic shape of Evenstar laid upon the ring's shoulders. The culmination of Takayas’ artistry is a cleverly seamless elvish design inside and out. When Kelly set her eyes upon her original Takayas creation, she said: “I am so thrilled with the ring! Takayas did an amazing job! The final piece is more than I could have imagined. It’s simply stunning! It’s a perfect fit as well!”

Thank you, Kelly, for taking this Elvish inspired jewelry adventure with us. We hope your ring brings you love and happiness as well as inspires awe and wonder in your every adventure! 


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