Lord of the Rings Evenstar Inspired Engagement Ring

Our friend came to Takayas Custom Jewelry with a vision for an elegant custom engagement ring inspired by The Lord of the Rings. His beautiful and timeless design reveals subtle elvish details that any fan of Middle-earth will adore!


Embracing the dainty white gold shank, graceful patterns inspired by Arwen's iconic Evenstar necklace mirror across each shoulder. Intricately sculpted branches of the White Tree of Gondor unfurl from within the band, reaching to uphold a pair of luminous opals and a glittering white center stone.


When Takayas shared the 3D renders of his spectacular custom design, our friend was blown away. "It is perfect," he cheered!

Thank you to our wonderful friend for inviting us to craft a gorgeous engagement ring that reflects the enduring themes of The Lord of the Rings. We wish you and your beloved partner a lifetime of joy in your fantastic adventures together!

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