Sailor Moon - Our Favorite Inspired Rings

Dainty, sparkly, and sweet - is it any surprise that Sailor Moon inspires endless custom engagement rings and wedding bands? Take a look back with Takayas Custom Jewelry as we enjoy some of our favorite Sailor Moon themed jewelry creations! With a huge and beloved cast, there's no shortage of distinctive Sailor Moon characters to feature in your special design. Your favorite Pretty Guardian says a lot about you: are you tough and cool like Sailor Jupiter, or adorably playful like Sailor Chibi Moon? For truly devoted Moonies, tiara-shaped bands and colorful gemstones can reflect all the Sailor Senshi! The elegant art style and magical motifs of Sailor Moon lend themselves to ring designs that are as classy as they are whimsical and fun. Iconic crescent moons and stars give wedding pieces a celestial touch. Hearts, ribbons, and angel wings maximize graceful cuteness. Celebrate your romance with a Sailor Moon inspired ring of your very own. Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.