Sailor Jupiter Inspired Engagement Ring

Design by Takayas Mizuno of Takayas Custom Jewelry.

Of all the Sailor Scouts in the beloved Sailor Moon franchise, Sailor Jupiter may just be the most inspirational. Physically the strongest member of the Scouts, Makoto serves as the ‘muscle’ of the group, both pre-transformation, and post-transformation, thanks to her supernatural strength. Despite facing adversity from those who dare judge her based solely on her looks; namely, her tall, muscular frame, she never allows the opinions of others to weigh her down. In fact, she’s much more likely to simply lift them over her head and toss them.

When John commissioned Takayas to create an engagement ring based on the revered character, he knew nothing would make his significant other, Katie, as happy as to pay homage to Sailor Jupiter’s profound influence.


Sailor Moon Inspired Ring by Takayas Mizuno.

Sailor Jupiter harnesses the power of electricity and surrounding plants in order to attack foes and protect her fellow scouts. One of her signature attacks is the Flower Hurricane, which unleashes a flurry of flowers that unleashes a powerful sting on her opponent. Takayas took inspiration from this equally beautiful and devastating attack when creating John’s ring. He used 14k Gold as the base of the ring, the same metal used for all of the Sailor Scouts’ tiaras, as well as 14 Rose Gold to represent Sailor Jupiter’s accessories. Her vibrant pink ribbon can often be seen blowing in the breeze, along with her iconic bow poised sweetly across her chest. To evoke the visual of Sailor Jupiter’s superhero stance, Takayas wrapped the Rose Gold detailing around the ring’s band leading to the center stone, creating a transformation in its own right.

When John came to Takayas Custom Jewelry, he did so with a clear vision. From the very first design consultation, he knew not the exact finished product he wanted, but instead, the exact feeling he hoped it would elicit. The response? “She said “Yes”! It was the first time she saw the ring and it is perfect. She loves it.” It was a joy for Takayas to work on this project and a huge thanks to John and Katie for the opportunity!

Custom Sailor Jupiter Inspired Engagement Ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry.

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