How to Create Your Dream Ring With Takayas Custom Jewelry

Creating your dream ring may seem rather ambitious but Takayas Custom Jewelry knows how thrilling and rewarding it is to see your dreams come to life! Traversing an unfamiliar territory can be rather daunting without a guide, so this week we have prepared one to assist you through your custom journey.

Research Some, Tailor Some, Visualize Some

Our fully custom projects are all made-to-order as a great deal of care is imbued into each piece, crafted with quality materials procured based on your personal preferences. Tailoring a piece to your tastes can be as simple as picking your favorite colors! If you’re uncertain about what materials you would like to utilize for your special project, check out our options page to learn more about some of the precious metals and stones we work with. In between certain options? We can also provide additional renderings that may help you better visualize which metal or stone you would like to proceed with for your specially sculpted design.

Something Unique, Something Personal, and Something Meaningful

Whether you are crafting a custom ring for yourself or for a loved one, we always like to encourage our customers to share with us their full vision even if they may not have a crystal-clear image of how they would like their design to be. Providing us with inspiration images of elements you would like to include in your custom ring along with images of any ring styles you may enjoy will greatly help us to get to know your design direction. It ensures that your custom designs are tailored to your personal tastes and ultimately unique to you! Share with us your story! Your why, what, where, and how can become the colors we paint with to come up with a special design that draws from your distinct narrative. Compose an art that pulls from your very own individual tale.

Plenty of Reasons and Ways to Customize

Pick a theme for your one-of-a-kind band! Whether it be based on a game that’s near and dear to you or based on a moment of dance on the beach, we’ll be glad to craft your heart and memories into metal and stone. There are no rules on when or why you should buy a custom jewelry piece! There is also no need to nail down your exact design before reaching out. Any images, sketches, or mood boards you may have will be enough for us to get started on crafting a design that goes beyond what you could have even imagined! If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out some of our previous projects: Do you have a favorite animal? Craft a special piece inspired by your favorite critter! Whether you adore them as a furry family member or as marvelous creatures that resonate with your inner self, the special significance animals hold makes them wonderfully endearing motifs for any jewelry. Take our friends, Christina and Thomas, they were attracted by Takayas’ remarkable dolphin themed wedding collection! For their special engagement ring, we tailored the Dolphin Heart ring from our collection to reflect the beautiful bond they share with one another. Their glittering diamond center stone shining within a unique and meaningful heart-shaped setting, uplifted by two playfully divine mammals that Christina holds near and dear to herself. We crafted a set of three rings for Hieu and Brittany! With Brittany’s cat and turtle engagement ring they also wanted a wedding band to compliment it and a similarly themed wedding band for Hieu. Ryuta and Triffany’s ring was crafted based on their love for nature and the ocean, featuring the Plumeria Ruba Flower along with an intricately sculpted manta ray. Perhaps you would like your ring to be more subtle, capturing more of the abstract image of nature. For his ocean loving partner, who loves the cool sea breeze and its rolling waves, Bing wanted a dainty and sophisticated design. Takayas came up with a spectacular design that puts a personal twist on classic elegance, a unique ocean lover inspired engagement ring! Maybe walk away from the beach and take a stroll in a lovely forest shaded by striking and majestic trees. Rebecca and Daniel’s woodland inspired rings shine with enchanting beauty as hand-engraved bark-like textures mark each of their white gold bands all around. Prefer a more earthy tone? Kurt and Annette’s Golden Deer inspired ring was crafted with their surnames in mind, with the meaning they carry imbued into an eloquent custom design! To evoke the scene of a deer wandering the forest, intricate tree bark details run along their golden shank. Craft a ring that tells your story, your heritage, and can become your legacy to be passed down. Diana’s music and flowers engagement ring seamlessly blend the hobbies she shares with her partner along with their story as a couple. Champaca flowers, tea ceremonies, and ancient Chinese instruments combine in one incredible design. Go with a style you enjoy even if it may seem a bit unconventional! When Jose Luis contacted Takayas to create a unique wedding band for himself, he knew he wanted it to be a square style, but he had yet to settle on a design direction. Being LA locals, he and his fianceé Susan visited our studio to discuss the design a bit more, and it was decided that his square band would feature their initials in a design inspired by an Aztec stone carving. Meaningful detailed carvings wrap around their Aztec initials wedding ring. Want something more fantastical? We’ll gladly craft a design that incorporates elements from your favorite fiction. Another friendly Diana sought us out to craft a meaningful present for her 30th birthday, one that would fit her small FFXIV-themed celebration. Her birthday ring features amethysts upon an Emet-Selch inspired design! Our mythical Sister of the Rings project was inspired by Lord of the Rings, two magical thumb rings crafted specifically for a pair of loving sisters to celebrate their bond and the adventures they’ve shared. Begin your own custom journey today by visiting our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas!