Pokémon Inspired Jewelry: A Heartfelt Farewell to Pikachu and Ash

After 25 years of the anime series, we bid farewell to Ash and his beloved Pikachu with fond memories in our hearts. Many of us grew up watching their adventures as we set out on our own. Just as Pikachu was the faithful companion of Ash, they both were constants in our lives, and it is with a grateful heart we say goodbye. From a clumsy kid from Pallet Town, Ash became quite the Pokémon champion over the years. “Gotta catch ‘em all!” Ash’s iconic motto has been an inspiration to Takayas as he has caught quite a few himself through crafting his Pokémon inspired designs. “No matter what lies beyond his final chapter, he’ll live forever in the hearts of many generations to come,” --Sarah Natochenny, the English voice behind Ash since 2006. Pokémon Inspired Yellow Sapphire Pikachu Bracelet How better to immortalize your favorite Pokémon than to use it for inspiration for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry! For one of many Pokémon inspired projects he did for Melissa, Takayas depicted an old-school pixelated Pikachu. Black diamonds outline the Pikachu segments created from citrines, garnets, and rubies. Our dear friend is repeated around the articulated bracelet giving Pikachu a feeling of movement around the wrist. Articuno Inspired Engagement Ring Who is your favorite Pokémon? For Christopher’s girlfriend Jamila, the legendary Articuno was by far her favorite from her 20+ years devoted to Pokémon. Takayas took that love for her favorite Pokémon and translated it into an elegant design featuring the mighty Articuno abstractly depicted with its three-feather crest head holding the center stone. The under gallery was given deep consideration with the crest head motif holding up the apex stone symbolizing the strength and love shared by the couple. Thrilled with how the engagement ring turned out, Christopher returned to Takayas for a matching wedding band that Jamila could wear with the ring. Matching Rayquaza Inspired Wedding Bands What better way to symbolize the special union of marriage than to create a meaningful and matching set of wedding bands featuring a favorite Pokémon! Lindsay and Logan wanted to create a pair of rings that conjured their love for the legendary Rayquaza. Slithering around the bands is Rayquaza’s elongated sinuous body outlined in yellow gold juxtaposed against the white gold band. Echoing Rayquaza’s verdant color is a sparkling emerald crowning the top of Lindsay’s ring. As a hidden surprise, their rings share matching engraved designs of the ball that never misses and never fails – the Master Ball!

While Ash and Pikachu have retired, they will forever be immortalized in our hearts as well as in our jewelry. We look forward to a new generation of characters coming to the series to delight our imaginations and inspire Takayas’ designs. 


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