Visiting JCK Las Vegas 2019

Each June, over 30,000 influential jewelers, retailers, and vendors from all over the world convene at the annual JCK Las Vegas trade show. With thousands of exhibitors presenting everything from finished jewelry pieces for sale to state-of-the-art machinery, it’s an event any jewelry professional can hardly afford to miss - and we ourselves make a point of regularly attending.

Like every year, we had a ton of fun visiting JCK this past weekend! For those of you not in the know and curious about the inner world of the jewelry industry, we’d love to shed a little bit of light on just what goes on at the premier jewelry industry event of the year.


One of the biggest draws of JCK for us as a custom jeweler, of course, are the stones. Huge quantities of gems in every color of the rainbow are transported to Las Vegas for display, making it a perfect opportunity to discover what’s on the market and in demand. Just look at those gorgeous, shimmery pink-purple stones in their display cases up there!

Takayas spent some time catching up with his favorite gemstone vendors and talking business, and then gave them some business by stocking up on precious gems for our “Beyond by Takayas” jewelry collection. How much did we spend, you ask? Well… let’s just say we spent enough!


Educational talks and seminars abound at JCK, and attending is a great way to find inspiration and expand your knowledge of the jewelry industry. This year, luminary speakers held discussions on lab-grown diamonds, how to find your way in our ever-changing retail landscape, custom jewelry (that’s us!), and more. If you lose your way in the massive convention center, there are plenty of in-your-face signs like this one directing you where to go to find the next stand-out JCK Talk.


Lastly, Takayas certainly had to stop and take a look at all the different equipment and machinery up for grabs! For a modern jeweler, tools like 3D printers, computer-aided design software, and laser engravers are indispensable for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces. Just like with any other kind of technology, it always seems like the next thing is coming out as soon as you purchase the latest model!

As an independent jewelry business always looking to take design to a new level, industry shows are an important resource for us to continue broadening our horizons. We love to attend JCK Las Vegas to discover cutting-edge innovations and make new connections - all to help us craft the perfect piece of jewelry just for you!

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