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The Bamboo Collection

Distinctive designs inspired by one of the strongest substances on Earth. Even stronger than steel, bamboo has long been a symbol of strength and prosperity in Japan.  

The Eclipse Collection

The mysterious harmony between Sun, Moon, and Earth has fascinated the human imagination for centuries, and continues to inspire modern day artists like Takayas.

The Beyond Collection

This collection epitomizes Takayas' philosophy of taking jewelry design BEYOND traditional limitations. Inspired by the tendency of the human race to push the limits, go further, become bigger, better, stronger, faster... this is the next step in the evolution of jewelry.

The Butterfly Collection

Capturing the symbolism of transformation, this collection depicts a bejeweled butterfly about to unfurl its wings from the shape of its former cocoon.


Inspired by the double helix "molecule of life" that is a part of all humans and most other organisms, yet makes you uniquely you.

The Elements Collection

Inspired by the ancient belief that the Universe is composed of four basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, this collection captures the essence of each of these four vital forces.


Go from minimalism to excess, simple to extravagant, neutral to colorful... whatever your mood, this collection gives you the versatility to be a style chameleon.