The Divine Astrologian Inspired Men’s Wedding Band

By the request of our friend, K, Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted an enchanting design inspired by the masters of arcana from Final Fantasy XIV. K wanted to surprise her fiancé, S, with a unique and personal custom wedding band. Though K’s request was rather vague she knew she wanted to give him a band that would have the intricate patterns of an astrologer with an aesthetic and style similar to our Lightning and Rabbit wedding band. Glimmering at the center of K’s intricately astounding design is a mystifying alexandrite. The ring is imbued with astromancy, ready to heal and buff fellow party members! The sleek band has a white gold base and exquisite white gold details. Its elegant filigree was inspired by the Astrologer’s arcane skills and powers. Encircling the alexandrite centerpiece are geometric patterns reflecting an Astrologian’s divination preparing to support those in need. Complementing the radiating rays of the magic circle are meticulously interlaced patterns taken from the back of the cards of any powerful Astrologian. To ensure the designs upon K’s band pop out, the intricate patterns of the divination spell are extruded from a lower area that is plated with black rhodium. Creating an amazing contrast of color that highlights its small alexandrite center stone. “I love it!” Was K’s reaction when we shared with her the design. After she presented S with the wedding band crafted just for him, Kristina reached out to us with more kind words and S’s reaction. “The ring is really beautiful, and I have no words to describe it. I surprised my fiancé and he cried.”

Thank you, K, for inviting us to craft such an aethereal band. We’re delighted to have been able to help bring joyful tears to S’s eyes. May the stars bless your journey together and great blessings follow wherever you two may go. 


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