Destiny: Trials of Osiris Inspired Wedding Band

Remember the darling Destiny inspired engagement ring we crafted back in 2019? Well, the couple’s intergalactic adventures continue! It all began with the inquiry from our Titan friend, Blood, which led to the brilliant engagement ring Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted for his Hunter partner, Tia. Diving back into the mythic sci-fi world created by Bungie, Tia sought us out in preparation for the wedding to craft an equally special and meaningful custom ring for Blood. Takayas enjoyed revisiting the lovely couple’s project to craft a wedding band for Blood that couples the engagement ring he commissioned. With the inspiration images provided by Tia along with the videos showcasing Blood’s favorite game mode, Trials of Osiris, Takayas was able to craft a sleek and masculine counterpart to their stunning engagement ring. Masterfully sculpted, Blood’s wedding band showcases elements from Destiny that matches those found in Tia’s engagement ring with special added details that create a personal and compelling design. Elegantly curved and textured, at the center of Blood’s wedding band the eye and sun design notable to his favored game mode sits high as the focal point of his design. Placed on either side of the design is the iconic class emblem of the Titans emanating great strength indicating their readiness to defend and provide shelter to those who seek it. The shoulders of the valiant and powerful Titans are shielded by the legendary Gauntlets of the Exile, granting them greater defense, and allowing them to supply better coverage for those who hide in his shadow – a mysterious Hunter and her supportive Ghost. Carved within the ring’s under gallery is the remarkable symbol of the Ghosts, guarded by agile and stealthy Hunters. Receiving Tia’s approval for the ring’s design had us cheering! She loved the overall shape of the ring designed for Blood, the under gallery being what she had in mind was loved and the meticulously shaped wings received compliments. After the charming band reached her hands, she shared with us her short and sweet review of her custom journey, “Just got the ring! It looks amazing! Working with you was a pleasure, thank you so much for everything and all your fast responses.” Their custom journey doesn’t end here, there is yet another surprise. Not too long after Tia reached out to us Blood set out on another quest of his own, sharing with us his desire to create another custom piece of which we will discuss next week. Wish to set out on your very own custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting a personal design, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.