Commemorating Kingdom Hearts - Our Favorite Inspired Jewelry Creations


Kingdom Hearts is by far and away one of the most popular jewelry themes here at Takayas Custom Jewelry. The powerful themes of love, devotion, interconnections, and emotion that define the series lend themselves easily to all kinds of engagement rings, wedding bands, and more, making it a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement that's truly from the heart! Following up on our Final Fantasy XIV inspired feature, we're inviting you to take a moment with us to revisit some of our favorite Kingdom Hearts inspired jewelry creations.

For the devoted Kingdom Hearts fan, Takayas has created a number of jewelry collection pieces inspired by the games. Our Kingdom Hearts wedding series, themed after the iconic Oathkeeper & Oblivion Keyblades, feature each weapon's motifs sculpted in luxurious 18K gold; Oathkeeper's golden angel feathers curl around a sparkling center stone, while Oblivion’s striking bat wings frame a band wrapped with the blade's chain. Those of you who have found your other half can also celebrate the bond you share with our matching Nightmare Break & Mirage Split inspired bands, which fit perfectly together to reflect the Combined Keyblade wielded by Sora and Riku!


Many of our past custom creations have continued to focus on the endless variety of unique weapon designs showcased throughout the series, such as our custom wedding band set inspired by Sora's Ultima Weapon and Kairi's Destiny's Embrace. Aqua's Keyblades take the spotlight in our Brightcrest and Stormfall inspired custom engagement rings, while a more niche Keyblade theme gets to shine in our Divine Rose inspired engagement ring. Even Axel's signature Eternal Flames chakrams provide the basis for a unique jewelry design, in the form of our custom Kingdom Hearts & Sunshine themed engagement ring!


Other custom designs have also drawn inspiration from Kingdom Hearts' enduring symbols. Paopu Fruits have particularly been a recurring element across several of our wedding jewelry designs, reflecting deep meanings of connection and love in everything from our "Destinies Become Intertwined" custom wedding band to an engagement ring that also features symbols from Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy.

Although the Dark Seeker Saga that Kingdom Hearts has followed from the beginning may have now officially come to an end, we know that Square Enix's beloved series will be moving bravely forth into more fantastic stories. We're looking forward to seeing what will come next - and what amazing new custom jewelry ideas you will bring to our studio!

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